How Much Does Dr on Call Cost in Abu Dhabi?

Dr on Call Cost in Abu Dhabi

It may sometimes seem like an uphill battle to make a visit to the doctor when you’re feeling ill. Being able to call a doctor at home in Abu Dhabi is one of the biggest conveniences this city has to offer. Whether you’re mildly unwell or you suffer from mobility issues, you can now book a doctor consultation at home in Abu Dhabi, and get your check-up done in the comfort of your home.Β Β 

Before booking an appointment, make sure you’re aware of the services that are offered at home along with the cost. If you’re wondering what a doctor may charge for a home checkup, this article will be your guide. 

Importance of the Dr at Home Service

Among the many services that you get to avail at your doorstep through a single tap on your phone, getting a doctor on call is the best one yet. Since you’re the most comfortable in your own home, what better place to get medically examined! Apart from saving you commute and time, this service ensures that you get personalized care and reduces your risk of catching infections. 

Moreover, it could be so that at any time you or one of your family members are extremely sick. In such situations, it is better to get a doctor at home instead of waiting for an ambulance or making the drive yourself. Irrespective of whether you’re at home, in the office, or anywhere else, you can easily call in a doctor.

Cost of a Dr on Call in Abu Dhabi

Whenever you feel like you’re feeling ill and nothing works, take it as your cue to pick up the phone and book a doctor on call to come visit you as soon as possible. After discussing your requirements with you, the doctor will pay a visit and charge a fee according to your examination. The standard consultation fee of a doctor is AED 299, which excludes any tests, prescribed medications, or other consumables. 

Tips for Booking a Dr on Call

  • Make a list of the top companies providing this service and conduct a thorough research to get all the important information.Β 
  • Instead of relying on the highest ratings, take your time to go through the reviews of each professional.Β 
  • Check the service companies according to their specialization and choose one that fulfills the criteria of your required treatment.
  • Find out how long a company has been in business and what their combined experience is.
  • Compare the rates of different companies as per the services they provide, to check if they are reasonable or not.Β 
  • Ensure that the home service doctors are professionally trained, and find out what their current medical facility is.
  • Check if the company and doctor you book areΒ licensed or not.Β 

Treatments to Expect When Booking a Doctor for Home Service

In addition to handling acute or chronic medical conditions, doctors on call are highly adept in identifying and treating a wide range of illnesses and injuries. So, whenever it’s convenient for you, you can set up routine appointments. 

From general consultation, chronic illness care, and palliative care, to critical illness, and post-hospitalization care, an on-call doctor does it all. After carrying out a thorough examination, your doctor may also prescribe you medication or tests if need be.


When the benefits of a service outweigh its drawbacks which in this case are none, it would be wise to avail it regardless of its cost, especially when it concerns your health. While you may think getting a doctor’s consultation at home is comparatively costly, the comfort and convenience make up for it.

If you or your family members ever need medical consultation or examination without leaving your house, visit ServiceMarket and book a doctor on call in Abu Dhabi as per your requirements and convenience.Β 

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