How Much Does Doctor on Call Cost in Sharjah?

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Access to quality doctor-at-home services in Sharjah is now very easy. These services offer the convenience of receiving medical attention at any time, which is why these may feel expensive at times. So before you book a doctor on call in Sharjah, it is crucial to be aware of the costs associated with seeking care outside of regular clinic hours.  

What Is Dr on Call?

At a glance, doctor-on-call services provide medical consultation and treatment on a 24/7 basis, catering to individuals who require immediate medical attention outside of regular business hours. It is particularly beneficial for those who cannot access a hospital or clinic in person due to various reasons.

Cost of Dr on Call Service

The cost of doctor-on-call services varies widely, depending on various factors, so it is good to have an idea of what to expect. 

In Sharjah, you can access the services of a doctor on call at an affordable consultation fee of AED 299. However, this fee covers the consultation only and does not include medications, tests, or consumables used during the visit. The final expense may also deviate from this range based on the unique circumstances of each case.  Therefore, transparency in cost communication between the patient and the healthcare provider is pivotal to ensuring a clear understanding of the financial obligations associated with the services provided.

Factors Influencing the Cost of a Dr on Call Service in Sharjah

Here are the key factors that influence the pricing of on-call medical services:

Service Provider 

On-call services are offered by a range of providers, including private medical practices and government-sponsored services. Private providers may charge differently from public providers, and the level of expertise and services offered may vary. Thus, obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the fee structure before availing the service is highly recommended.

Type of Service 

Routine consultations for minor illnesses may be more affordable compared to complex procedures or treatments. Emergency services are usually priced higher due to the urgency and additional resources involved.

Time of Day 

The time at which you require a home visit can also affect the cost. Services provided during regular working hours may be less expensive than those required during the night or over the weekends.


The location in Sharjah where you need the on-call medical service can also influence the cost. Remote or hard-to-reach areas may incur additional charges for transportation or logistics.


Immediate or urgent medical attention often results in higher charges. Non-urgent consultations, scheduled in advance, are typically less expensive.

Diagnostic Tests 

If the medical condition necessitates diagnostic tests such as blood work, X-rays, or ultrasounds, these will be billed separately, adding to the overall cost of the service.

Medication and Treatment 

The cost of prescribed medications and any treatments administered during the visit are usually billed separately.

Specialist or General Practitioner 

The type of healthcare professional providing the on-call service can influence the cost. Consultations with specialists may be more expensive than those with general practitioners.

Considering the Benefits

While the cost of doctor-on-call services in Sharjah might vary, the benefits of this personalized and prompt medical assistance are undeniable. The convenience of receiving professional medical care in the comfort of one’s own home significantly contributes to the overall value. For individuals with mobility constraints, elderly patients, or those experiencing acute medical distress, the provision of such services proves to be a practical solution.


Doctor on Call services come at a cost, but the peace of mind, convenience, and immediate medical care they provide in times of need are invaluable.

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