How Much Does Home Maintenance Cost in Dubai?

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For anyone considering moving to Dubai, it is best to get an estimate of home maintenance costs beforehand just like the cost of utilities, rations, and other facilities, so you are well prepared. You would know how much money to set aside to hire services from the best maintenance company. 

The home maintenance costs vary from house to house depending on factors like the type of service, the size of the project, and the required time.

There are many home maintenance companies in Dubai that offer a complete range of services a property may require.

Know the Cost Before Hiring the Best Maintenance Company

It is highly advisable to not compromise on the quality of service and only hire the best maintenance company. You may find one at a cheaper price, but that usually backfires and costs you more over time. An experienced company may charge more, but it will do the repairs and fixes that last. 

Check out the following home maintenance services and their costs: 

1. Electrician 

Electrical and appliance issues are notorious for hitting you when you are least expecting them. However, timely maintenance can save you from bigger problems like short circuits, damage to wiring, or fires. 

The cost of electrical maintenance depends on the complexity of the task. For example, changing flickering bulbs and out-of-order sockets will cost you significantly less than the cost of changing worn-out wiring around the house. Usually, the hourly cost of an electrician is approximately AED 129 per hour. 

2. Plumber

Clogged drains, leaky faucets, and burst pipes are a few of the plumbing issues that households may face. Adding plumbing maintenance to your quarterly or biannual maintenance checklist can help you avoid such disasters. 

Whether you hire for scheduled home maintenance or to fix an out-of-order water heater, a professional plumber will take care of everything. You can expect to pay around AED 129 per hour for plumbing services.

3. Carpenter

When you notice signs of damage on anything made of wood β€” doors, tables, sofas β€” it is time to contact a carpenter. Maintaining your furniture can make it last for ages. A carpenter can do repairs, polish, and other different fixes. Also, you can get help in assembling new furniture as well. 

You can hire a carpenter starting at AED 129 per hour.

4. Water Tank Cleaner

Minerals and insoluble salts can gradually deposit in your water tank. They affect the quality of water and can make it unhealthy. Therefore, it is best to thoroughly clean it once or twice a year to ensure a clean and healthy supply of water. Therefore, it is best to hire professional water tank cleaners. They use chemicals that are effective and safe. 

A water tank cleaning session will cost you AED 735 per tank. 

5. AC Cleaner

In the year-round hot weather of Dubai, you would want your AC to be functioning at its best. Thoroughly cleaning its filters, coils, and outdoor unit can increase the cooling. 

The cost depends on the type of AC cleaning you need. Regular AC cleaning will cost you around AED 180 per unit. AC duct cleaning and sanitization will be AED 550 per unit. Lastly, you can get AC deep coil cleaning for AED 700 per unit.Β 

All these prices are for a single unit. 

6. Handyman

Besides the services mentioned here, you may need help with a variety of other maintenance tasks too. You can hire a skilled handyman for expert assistance with such chores. Tell your home maintenance company about the services you need, and they will send you a quote. Usually, the hourly changes are around AED 129. However, the costs may vary depending on the type of service required. 


With the above-mentioned hourly charges and fixed costs, you can have a clear idea of how much money you will be spending on home maintenance. So, set aside a budget, create a checklist, and hire the best maintenance company in Dubai to have a fully functional house. 

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