How Much Does PCR Cost in the UAE vs. Other Countries?

PCR test cost in UAE Dubai

The world has encountered numerous pandemics, and now, COVID-19 has taken the stage. Still, the preventative measures for COVID-19 imposed in busy and populated cities like Dubai have helped counter its influence.

The first step towards a safe environment is getting a corona test done as soon as you develop the symptoms. If you test positive, you can turn to self-isolation to protect others from getting infected.

The most prominent and highly accurate COVID test is the PCR test that detects a virus in your body.

Stick right here with us if you’re keen to learn more about the PCR test and the variation in its cost around the world (compared to the UAE, of course!)

What Is A PCR Test For COVID-19?

The PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) involves testing a sample of saliva, mucus, blood, or body tissue multiplied several times.

The process of multiplication is called the ‘amplification’ of samples. If the scientists locate the strain of the virus in the samples, amplification will make it much easier to detect.

To make it simple, let’s break down the COVID-19 PCR test into three main steps.

1.    Collecting Samples

The laboratory assistants collect the respiratory stuff from your nose using a COVID swab.

The swabs can be of different types. The nasopharyngeal swabs move farther into the nasal cavity, and the nasal swabs gather the material immediately inside the nostrils.

After collecting the samples, they seal the COVID swab in a tube to send it to a laboratory for testing.

2.    Extracting Material

As soon as a lab assistant obtains the sample, he draws out the required genetic material from the remaining piece.

3.    Conducting PCR Tests

In this stage, the laboratory scientists use unique chemicals, enzymes, and a PCR machine to start the heating and cooling cycle.

With every cycle, the amount of targeted genetic material present in the test tube amplifies, and uncountable copies of a tiny portion of the virus’s genetic material are produced.

The technicians then use special software to interpret the information to give a positive or negative result.

PCR Cost In The UAE vs. Other Countries

Traveling abroad has gotten much more intimidating due to corona restrictions. Having a negative PCR test is mandatory for anyone wanting to travel overseas.

The differences in the costs of the PCR test of different countries have been elaborated in the following descriptions.

●      Cost In The UAE

The government has recently announced the changes in the cost of PCR tests to AED 50 in government clinics, however, prices at different laboratories may vary.

In Dubai, the COVID test ranges to about AED 150 in private clinics, while in Abu Dhabi, the cost is around AED 65.

The purpose of reducing the cost is to make traveling easier for everyone and to help counter the disease’s spread.

Agencies like ServiceMarket in Dubai conduct the PCR test at home for AED 150 to AED 250 to relieve you of the stress of going out for your PCR test. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

●      Cost In Other Countries

In developed countries, such as the USA, medical facilities have never been cheap. The cost of a test varies in different states according to the area, ranging from about $40 to more than $400!

The following table summarizes the price figures of different countries to help you compare them more easily.

Canada$95 to $160 (Prices may vary for different areas in the country)
BelgiumTesting is free of cost
GermanyFree of cost testing under certain limitations. For results within 24 hours, you need to pay around $200
China$6.20 to $47 (Different cities may have a variation in prices)
Russia$30 ($26 extra if you need the results within 24 hours)
ArgentinaTesting is free of cost
Italy$60 to $95
UK$200 to $400 (Price is higher for tests conducted at home)

The Final Word

PCR test is now a necessity for every individual. So, if you’re looking for a company that performs PCR test at home in Dubai, reach out to ServiceMarket and book your COVID test online without any hassle.

Get your PCR Test done at home!

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