How Much Is Elderly Care in Dubai?

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Understanding the financial aspects of elderly care in Dubai is a significant consideration for those seeking affordable nurse at home services for their loved ones. This blog explores the costs you may incur when you book nursing services at home and the factors that contribute to its pricing. This information is intended to help families make informed decisions when it comes to providing the best care for their senior family members. 

Cost of Nurse at Home for Elderly Care in Dubai

At-home nursing services offer a cost-effective solution for patient care, beginning at an affordable rate of AED 149. The final cost is contingent upon several factors, including the specific care requirements of the patient and the extent of their medical needs. It is important to note that additional expenses, such as medication, medical equipment, and lab tests, may be incurred, which can influence the overall cost of at-home nursing care. 

Moreover, when it comes to 24/7 in-home care, the service charge typically begins at AED 19,000 per month, but this cost varies based on location, care level, specific services, and nurse qualifications. These flexible services cater to various healthcare needs, ensuring that patients receive personalized and comprehensive care in the comfort of their own homes.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Nurse at Home Services

Several factors contribute to the cost of elderly care in Dubai, and it is crucial to consider these variables when planning for your loved one’s care. The following factors play a significant role in determining the expenses associated with nurse-at-home services:

Type of Care 

The type of care your loved one needs is one of the most significant factors affecting costs. In-home care services are typically less expensive than residing in a senior living community. Basic assistance tends to be more affordable, while specialized medical care, including medication management and complex equipment, can significantly raise the expenses. Understanding the specific needs and tailoring the care accordingly is essential for cost management.


The location of service providers offering nursing for elderly care in Dubai can make the overall cost variable. Services in prime areas tend to be more expensive, while those in less central locations are often more budget-friendly. Consider your budget and proximity when choosing a provider.

Staffing and Expertise 

The qualifications of a nurse can significantly impact the cost of in-home nursing services for elderly care. Highly qualified nurses with specialized skills typically come at a premium, but their expertise can enhance the overall quality of care. As a result, more qualified nurses tend to command higher fees, while less experienced or less specialized nurses may be more budget-friendly options. The choice between qualifications and cost must be carefully considered to ensure the best balance of care and affordability for elderly individuals in need.

Duration of Care

The duration of nurse care significantly impacts the overall cost of in-home nursing for elderly care in Dubai. Longer hours or extended care will result in higher expenses, as caregivers charge on an hourly or daily basis. Planning the required hours of care is essential for managing costs effectively.

Specialized Equipment or Medication

In addition to the patient’s health condition, it is crucial to understand that the cost of nursing services generally does not cover prescribed medication or specialized equipment. While you may need to supply the prescribed medication yourself, some services may offer equipment and medication if required, but these are typically billed separately, beyond the basic service fee.


Elderly care in Dubai is a multifaceted issue, with costs varying widely depending on factors discussed in this blog. To make informed decisions regarding elderly care for your loved ones in Dubai, it is crucial to assess your specific requirements, budget, and the available support systems. Careful planning can help ensure they receive the best care possible.

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