How to Clean a Mattress

Mattress cleaning in Dubai

We all know that mattresses are not cheap and keeping them in good condition is vital for your health since your bed is where you spend a considerable part of your life (almost a third). It is essential that you book a mattress cleaning service in DubaiΒ every once in a while. ServiceMarket provides you with a step-by-step guide to clean and maintain your mattress.

Vacuum your Bed

The first thing you need to do when you clean your mattress is to get rid of any dust, hair, or food particles on the surface of the mattress. Start by vacuuming the top surface and make sure that you vacuum between the small crevices thoroughly to get rid of as much dirt as you can. Next, vacuum the sides and flip it over to vacuum the underside. We also recommend vacuuming the surface of your box spring and the inside of your bed frame.

Spot Treatment for Stains

Your mattress may have some stains on it due to spilled food, drinks or anything else. If you want your mattress to look as good as new again, you need to get rid of as many stains as possible. Start cleaning the very obvious stains on the surface of your mattress. There are a few home remedies you could use to remove stains successfully, although some remedies work better than others depending on the type of stain. The most common remedy is to mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, spray this onto the stain and rub it clean with a white rag. You can also make a paste with lemon juice and salt which you spread over the stain and let sit for an hour. After an hour, clean the salt off with a wet rag.

Dry and Deodorize

After you have completed the spot treatment and wiped off any residue, it’s time to dry up any moisture that has been left as the result of the spot treatment. It is also time to deodorize your mattress to make it smell fresh and clean. Get a couple of boxes of baking soda and empty the contents of one whole box on the top of the mattress and let it sit for a few hours. After that, vacuum the powder off of your mattress. Repeat the process after flipping your mattress over. This step will leave your mattress smelling crisp while also absorbing any moisture in the mattress.

Air It Out

A really good idea is to air out your mattress to get rid of any internal moisture or mold. Ideally, you need to put your mattress in the sun which shouldn’t be difficult in a city like Dubai. If you have a yard, take your mattress there to get both sides aired out at once. If you don’t have this option, just prop your mattress up in front of an open window in the sun.

Protect your Mattress

Get a waterproof mattress protector and seal up your mattress. This cover will help protect your mattress against any future stains and dust.

While cleaning your mattress yourself every now and then is a great idea, it may not always provide you with the results you need. It is best to get your mattress cleaned at least twice a year by a professional mattress cleaning company in Dubai. A professional clean is either done using the shampoo method or the steam cleaning method. Either of these are sure to help prolong the life of your mattress and leave it as hygienic as possible all year long. To find the best mattress cleaning services in Dubai, visit ServiceMarket.

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