How to Clean Your House After Pest Control in Abu Dhabi

cleaning after pest control

The exterminator has left and now your home in Abu Dhabi is free of pesky vermin and creepy crawlies. Now, your next big task is cleaning the house after pest control. Normal household cleaning-up processes can be a bit different right after fumigation. You might need additional cleaning equipment and have to take some extra precautions as well.

When you book a pest control company in Abu Dhabi, they often use toxic pesticides to get rid of rodents, insects, or other pests. You don’t want to inhale these fumes as they can expose you to serious health conditions. That is why cleaning all areas with extermination spray should be the first thing to do.  

Tips for Cleaning Your House After Pest Control in Abu Dhabi

Some companies might recommend waiting for 4 hours while others could ask you to stay away for even longer after the spray. You should check with your pest control company for specific instructions about how long to wait after the exterminator sprays your home. However, here are some general tips for house cleaning after the treatment:

#1: Gather Cleaning Tools

Your normal household detergent and cleaning rags are not enough. You will need some extra equipment if you want to clean your house safely after fumigation. Here is what you should get before starting:

  • Safety gloves
  • Extra trash bags
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Face masks
  • Sponges
  • Steam cleaner

If you get the whole house fumigated, there will be a lot of work to do. Once you have all the necessary tools, you need to decide where to start. For instance, the kitchen might be a good place as it can take longer than other areas of the house. 

#2: Open All Doors and Windows

You may notice an odor after the fumigation. This might be because of lingering pesticide fumes in the air. After you return to your home, the first thing you should do is open all the doors and windows. This will allow fresh air to get in and the fumes can dissipate quickly.

#3: Mop the Floor

Professional fumigators advise not to mop the floors with liquid soap or water right after the treatment. You probably don’t even need to as they usually don’t leave behind a big mess. However, you can use a broom or vacuum cleaner to dust off the floors. Most of the pesticide spray will be around the corners and skirting of your floors. So, avoid mopping those specific areas to make the treatment last longer.  

#4: Clean Cabinets and Shelves

Kitchen cabinets might be the most heavily infested area of your home because of possible remnants of food and damp conditions. The fumigators will probably spray every inch of the corners to make them pest-free. So, cleaning cabinets after pest control is important, though time-consuming. You should ideally take out all of your dishes and utensils and wash them with dishwashing liquid. Then, wipe down the insides of the cabinets with a muslin cloth. You should dry out the dishes completely before putting them back.Β 

#5: Wipe Down Walls 

Many pests such as cockroaches or ants live inside the hollow space in your walls. So, the exterminators will spray on and inside the walls as well. Wipe down all the windows and floors with cleaning rags and soap water spray.   

#6: Get Rid of Leftover Food

You should clean out your fridge, pantry, and dining area of any leftover food before the exterminators take over. However, many people may forget and leave out small food items like bread or fruits uncovered. It is not advisable to eat that food as it can contain fumes or droplets of toxic pesticides. Instead, just throw it all away.  

#7: Vacuum Furniture and Upholstery

Most people cover their furniture with sheets before the pest control spray. But the harmful pesticides can still make their way in. In some cases, professional fumigators might spray your sofas and bed directly if you have bed bugs. So it is better to wipe down all the furniture, curtains, and other upholstery with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the harmful chemicals.


Cleaning the house after pest control sprays can take quite some time. But if your house is infested, getting professional pest control might not even be a choice. Common pests can include cockroaches, ants, mice, termites, and bed bugs and they can all make your life difficult. Instead of living in unsanitary conditions, you should get professional help immediately.

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