How to Find a Local Handyman in Dubai?

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Have you ever had a time when you really needed a handyman for your Dubai home, but had no contacts? Most households have faced the first part of that problem at least once, and a surprisingly high number have also dealt with the latter. 

For anybody looking to get handyman services in Dubai, it can be difficult to find someone who is responsible, reliable, and readily available. Here are a few ways including downloading the handyman app Dubai to find one as per your requirements, and budget. 

Ask for Referrals 

One of the most reliable sources of information is word of mouth. Start by asking your neighbors and people at your local grocery store for referrals. Maybe one of them had some repair work done in their home recently, and they were pretty satisfied with the results. The salesperson at the store may also know someone who hired a plumber for a leaky pipe or an electrician to fix an appliance or some wiring issue.

If that gets you nowhere, asking your family and friends should be your next step. Family members and friends who live or work in the vicinity can recommend a company offering the services you are looking for. Since these people know you, they would give you solutions best suited to your needs. Asking your colleagues and official contacts is also a helpful option, because they would recommend options that are suitable and practical, and may even suggest options that are more appropriate for your budget.

Handyman App Dubai

If asking around does not do the trick, maybe it is time to run a Google search about your query. You’ll find that there are many apps that could connect you with companies offering home repair services. These apps offer an efficient means of finding a professional and scheduling him to visit your home at your convenience.

Book Online from a Reliable Platform 

There are various websites and marketplaces listing handyman services for any plumbing, electrical, repair and installation, paint, and carpentry jobs. When selecting one, it is very important to evaluate a number of factors, such as years of experience, cost, number of customers, and their reviews and ratings about the service provider. All these factors are also proof of that platform’s reliability. 

Use Online Reviews and Ratings 

Online reviews and ratings are very important measures for the quality of services. This gives you an insight into which service provider is the most popular amongst customers, therefore, the most reliable. Customers who leave honest reviews are highly credible sources of information. At times, they can be brutally honest and don’t mind saying exactly how they feel about a service. So, while they may praise a service, they can sometimes be too harsh in their critique, which isn’t always a bad thing.  

Bad or lukewarm reviews are a mark of authenticity. A company that has a handful of good reviews and a few bad ones is probably one with credible customers and not a scam. 

What Services Do Handymen Offer? 

Handymen offer a variety of different services that can be availed by people who are moving houses and people who require home maintenance, alike. You could be moving from one city to another, coming home from a long vacation, renovating your living space, wanting new furniture and paintings in your rooms, or even just due for maintenance, and hiring handymen can make your job much easier.

Some of these services are furniture assembly, furniture moving, plumbing, curtains and blinds hanging, electrician services, AC installation, wall painting, carpentry, and locksmith services. Furthermore, they are willing to help with anything you need an additional hand with, whether it is putting up wall hangings, changing light bulbs, or repairing a home appliance.


Whether it is a leaky pipe, faded or peeling paint, a creaky door, or a damaged floor, a handyman is your one-stop solution to all your home problems. If you are still struggling to find the best handyman in Dubai, book an appointment via ServiceMarket! You can also get multiple quotes to compare and decide on the most suitable one. Other than the website, their five-star rated handyman app in Dubai is also a great way to find and hire the most qualified handymen in the city. 

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