Where to Find Curtains or Blinds in Dubai

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Most of us have been there before, you have just forked out a good chunk of your salary to pay for the rent of your new home or apartment in Dubai, are ready to move in, and then you realize you need new curtains or blinds. Often, this can come as a shock as custom curtains in Dubai can cost you another few months of rent if you are not careful.

Here’s an overview of the different options for getting your Dubai blinds or curtains custom-made. Thankfully you will find something for everyone’s budget.


Almost every furniture shop in Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates will have a corner dedicated to curtains or Roman blinds. You can choose curtain designs, schedule a consultation at home for measuring and they will provide you with a quote afterwards. Beware though, prices may be steep. You could easily end up paying AED 10,000 to 15,000 for a standard 2-bedroom apartment.


Outside of the big malls, other furniture shops may be a good place to get your curtains or blinds made. The mid-range shops will also be able to make you more budget-friendly curtains or blinds and will follow a similar process. You can start by browsing at the furniture shops scattered along Umm Hurair Road (near Al Maktoum Bridge), Naif Road, or Sheikh Zayed Road. Curtain prices could be easily 20-40% lower than what you would find in big malls.


The most cost-effective way to get curtains or blinds made in Dubai is to use one of the many smaller curtain providers based out of Satwa or Dragon Mart. While the shops are often not that attractive, they usually have a wide range of sample curtain fabrics or blinds examples. They can come to your home to measure your windows, or if you’d prefer, you can measure the windows yourself and simply give them the dimensions and pick out your preferred fabric. Typically, they can have your curtains/blinds ready in just a couple of days. Prices for a 2 bedroom apartment would be a fraction of what the bigger shops usually charge (a few 1000 dirhams could get you started). You could also opt to choose a ready-made curtains or blinds option, provided you have standard-sized windows. These can be found in most furniture shops in Dubai, but your choice would be limited.

You can refer to this article on how to purchase the right curtains for your home for more details.

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