5 Tips on How to Purchase the Right Curtains for Your Dubai Home

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Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right curtain designs while setting up your new home in Dubai. Curtains play a big role in the overall aesthetic appeal and ergonomics of the room. Most people tend to buy them on impulse or as an afterthought simply to get done with the job of covering up the windows, but hasty decisions can ruin your room’s appearance and make it look dull, dreary and disjointed. To help you avoid this, here are some basic pointers that you should keep in mind while shopping for curtains:

1. Think of curtains as an extension of the room:

While you may be tempted to cut down on costs and purchase the same discounted curtains in bulk for the entire house, remember that choosing the wrong set of curtains for an otherwise well-decorated room can make the entire look fall flat. If your bank account is still recovering from all the costs involved in moving to Dubai, take your time – start out by purchasing curtains for areas that absolutely need them, such as your bedroom and living room, and get to the kitchen and foyer later.

2. Don’t be afraid to play with colours and contrast:

This depends on the overall style and theme of the room. For example, if you have a room with white interiors, you can opt for a classy, elegant look by choosing curtains in neutral hues, or you can jazz it up with a bright neon curtains (consider lime green or yellow) for a more edgy look.

3. Mix patterns and textures:

This is often one of the simplest and most cost effective ways of changing the look of a room without having to make any major overhauls. For a more elegant, royal or romantic look, for example, consider velvet curtains.

4. Don’t compromise on your privacy:

While picking curtains for your house, keep in mind that their main purpose is to keep people from prying into your house. While buying curtains, keep in mind that some weaves and fabrics offer much more privacy compared to others. Although sheer curtains may allow more light to enter the room, they offer little in the way of privacy. If you do want to put up sheer curtains in your bedroom or living room, consider adding another layer of solid curtains, which you can draw when privacy is needed.

5. Consider insulation and ventilation:

The weather in Dubai moves back and forth between being warm and hot, such that you may even find your air conditioning failing to save you from the heat. A great way of keeping out the heat is to install thermal curtains, which would also increase the efficiency of your air cooling system – and on those rare days when we get lucky, you can always draw back the curtains and enjoy the rain and cool breeze!

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