How to Go About Painting Your Dubai Home

Painting your room and ceiling included will often be a fairly interesting challenge, but you can make everything look absolutely amazing when the project is done. You can’t of course simply jump the gun and start painting right away. You will need to make some preparations if you want things to work flawlessly and without any problems at all. The following tips will give you an idea how to approach painting in Dubai:

Pre-pain stage, cleaning: You have to start by cleaning the walls of contaminants, dust and worse. You will need to do so  you can have a good, clean surface to work with when you’re painting. You can do your cleaning with soapy hot water, but you have to use a cellulose sponge to wash the walls, so you won’t scrub things away from it in the process.

Ensuring a trouble-free painting procedure: Place some fabric or plastic sheets on the floor to protect it from splatters while you paint. The fabrics may be reused, but they will allow thin paint to soak through, so think about the options and choose wisely.

Protecting the nearby areas: Something else you should do is tape the door frames, windows and trimming son you won’t drip paint on them while you work. Remove the tape right away after you’re done so it won’t peel off sections of dried paint.

Creating a priority list of tasks: The next thing you will need to do is prime the walls of the room, making it a top priority on the list of tasks if you want to make the paint cover well enough. Priming will help keep the walls a nice, uniform colour that sticks around for longer without peeling, so don’t underestimate it.

Emphasizing on the efficiency: Use a roller for the wider surface of  the wall, as this will help you cover more ground in a short time with greater efficiency. The smaller and more sensitive areas will need a finer brush, so an angled brush is the answer to your problems. It will allow you to keep away from mouldings, windows and door frames with greater ease.

Following the right painting pattern: When you paint, stick to a W pattern, as this will allow you to cover more and with less streaking involved. Make a W, then paint it over with the same pattern and keep repeating it until your job is done. This will take more than a few coats, but it will be well worth the effort.

Trimming as a finishing touch of the painting process: The last part of the job is to paint the trimming. You have to work on taping the areas where the trim will meet the walls with some masking tape. You must also carefully paint the mouldings with an angled brush to keep things mess-free in the end.

If your home is too large though, or you don’t have much available time in your day (as painting is pretty time-consuming) you should call in the professionals for painting in Dubai! There are plenty of painting companies in Dubai and UAE that are able to carry out basic painting services as well as more intricate and complex painting.

This article was provided by Greater London man and van company, London Removals.

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