How to Sponsor a Maid/Nanny in Dubai?

sponsor a maid/nanny in Dubai

Finding the right house help can be a huge lifesaver for many households in Dubai. After all, hiring full-time maids or nannies can help you manage your time efficiently. This is especially true if you are busy with your family or career. However, the process can be difficult if you don’t know how to sponsor a maid/nanny in Dubai. But don’t worry! This article discusses all the steps regarding sponsoring full-time maids in Dubai.

Rules to Remember Before You Sponsor a Maid/Nanny in Dubai

You need to remember some rules for a housemaid visa in Dubai. They are as follows:

  • You will only be qualified to sponsor maids or nannies if you earn at least AED 6000 per month.
  • The housemaid visa has to be issued by the head of the family, usually the male.
  • Bachelors are strictly not allowed to sponsor a maid.
  • You can only sponsor maids from Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.
  • Maids hired must be older than 18 years.

Where Can I Find a Maid/Nanny?

You can sponsor maids and nannies from a Tadbeer Center only. There are six Tadbeer Centers located in Dubai. You can visit any one of them and hire a maid. However, there are companies like ServiceMarket that help you in hiring full-time domestic help without you having to go through the ordeal of securing their sponsorship.

How Can I Get a Tadbeer Visa?

You can sponsor a maid or a nanny through Tadbeer. However, there are five steps that you need to perform first. They are the following:

#1. Submitting the Documents

The first step is to submit your maid’s documents for a residence visa. It includes the following:

  • Passport of both sponsor and maid.
  • Application form
  • Three passport-size photos of the maid.
  • Salary certificate of the sponsor.
  • Accommodation contract stating that the sponsor has a minimum 2-bedroom apartment.
  • The accommodation contract should have Ejari attestation.

#2. Applying for Employment Entry Permit

After you have gathered all the essential documents, you should proceed to the next step. And that is to visit the authorized typing center and fill out the form for an employment entry permit. It will cost you approximately AED 110. If you need your application urgently, you will have to pay an extra AED 100.

Once this is done, you will have to submit all documents to GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs). If you want the application urgently, just wait for a little while, and you will get the employment entry permit. Otherwise, the document will be delivered to you via courier.

You are then required to send this permit – original or a copy – to your maid. If you send a copy of the document, you will have to submit the original working permit at Dubai airport’s DNATA Visa Desk. Also, you will have to pay a refundable fee of AED 2000, which will be returned to you after your maid leaves the UAE. Your maid will now be able to enter the Emirate.

#3. Taking the Medical Test & Emirates ID Biometrics

Once your maid or nanny arrives in Dubai, take her to a medical testing center. There are fourteen of them in the Emirate. Here is what you have to do to complete the fitness test process successfully:

  • Register for the test via an authorized typing center.
  • You will have to pay AED 30 for the typing fee.
  • Apply your maid for these tests: Hepatitis B, pregnancy, HIV, Leprosy, TB, and Syphilis.
  • You will receive an alert via SMS when the results are ready.

This medical fitness test will cost you AED 325. You can expect to receive the result after seven days. However, if you want to get the results in 48 hours, you must pay AED 420. After you are done with the medical test, visit the Emirates ID office and submit your maid’s biometrics. You will then have to go to an authorized typing center to get your residency visa application. It will cost you AED 5,100. You will have to pay an additional AED 100 if you want the application urgently.

#4. Getting Emirates ID Card

After your maid has given her biometrics at the Emirates ID office, it’s time to get the Emirates ID card. For this, you will first have to submit the medical fitness report, visa application, and Emirates ID stamps to any one of the GDRFA branches. Once you are there, make your way to the residency section and hand over the following documents.

  • Typed residency visa application
  • Original passport of your maid
  • Your maid’s photo
  • Stamped employment entry permit
  • Deposit sticker
  • Labor contract
  • Salary certificate
  • Copy of sponsor’s passport

When the documents mentioned above are submitted, you can declare how much salary you will pay to the maid. This information will be a part of the contract, which the sponsor, as well as the maid, will sign. Then the officer would hand you the Dometic Working Identity Card. You will then have to go to the typist and show your residency stamp. Finally, the application will be updated, and you will receive the Emirates ID card.


After completing all the steps mentioned above, you can sponsor a maid/nanny in Dubai, and they will be legally eligible to work for you. However, going through these steps may sound like a lot of work. Luckily, there are professional companies like ServiceMarket that can take care of this hassle. You can rely on them to book a full-time maid for you and that too based on your budget, needs, and preferences. This way, you don’t have to worry about making any effort or spending time looking for a helper!

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