Handyman 101: How to Mount Your TV Like a Pro

Back in the day, homes used to have a shelving unit that was built around a bulky television. Modern televisions are sleek and streamlined, making it that much easier for your handyman in Dubai to incorporate them into your home decor. ServiceMarket has compiled a list of factors you should consider before mounting your TV.

Consider the size and function of the room

A basic rule of thumb for televisions is: the closer the screen or smaller the room, the lower and smaller the television should be. Consider how you want to utilise the space, where you want to mount it and how you want to decorate around it. 

Create a unique display area for your TV

A brick wall or feature wall where the TV is mounted makes a beautiful decorative addition to any room. You can get really creative here: the wall could be a dramatic texture, such as exposed bricks or wood panelling; or it could be as subtle as being painted a similar shade as the rest of your room, but slightly darker or lighter. In addition to the wall, you could add some accent lighting to highlight texture of wall to make the design pop a bit so the TV is only just one part of the design.

Add a wall divider

This is especially handy if you don’t want to mount your TV on any existing walls. If you are thinking of going this route, it is best to keep the design very simple, such as wooden slats attached to metal poles. Adding a wall divider works well in a big open-plan home, but it will also create the illusion of space while separating your living area from the kitchen area. The wooden slats also provide some easy shelving space if you find that you need the additional space.

Floating cabinets

Floating cabinets are very practical and have a simple, clean design. These will give the illusion of a ‘floating wall’ without intruding on any of the existing decor in your room. You can play around with composition if you when designing the space for your floating cabinets, as you can opt for both a horizontal and vertical cabinet, have the TV in the centre or a little off-side. Floating cabinets are not intrusive on your current space or decor, and gives a very elegant otherworldly look.

Open shelves

You can save space if you have a smaller room by using open shelves. The shelves should be at a comfortable distance from the TV and should be the same (or similar) colour to your wall. Having open shelves can help to make a small room feel spacious.

Make your TV its own piece of art

Give your television a place of honour in the room by placing it between two bookshelves or above a decorative table, where you would normally place a large piece of decor. Doing this can add a new, unexpected dimension to your room and help it stand out.

Split level console units

This will allow you to display your television and your ornaments or artwork without a single length of surface looking overly cluttered. By using split level console units, you can arrange your speakers, soundbar and amp without obstructing the TV screen. This gives a very chic design and will incorporate well into a room that has a modern feel to it.

No matter what kind of television mounting you wish to do, you can easily find a suitable handyman in Dubai on ServiceMarket. 

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