Infographic: Estimate Volume of Your Move or Calculate How Much Storage Space You Need

We have a new infographic for you all!

The first infographic guide we shared with you explained the estimates surveyors from moving companies and storage companies use when they’re going through your home to calculate the volume of your belongings. Understanding what fits in 1 cubic meter is good when you’re diving into the details of your quotes and are definitely about to move. But what if you just need a quick cost estimate on the phone from a company? What if you already have a pricing guide from a storage company and need to see which option you need?

ServiceMarket customers were faced with these questions and more, so we needed to help. We found that moving companies in Dubai tended to quote based on the volume in cubic meters, and some smaller movers calculated price based on truck loads. This was super frustrating because it’s hard to compare costs on two different measurements. Then, we learned that storage companies base their prices and rental packages on area (square feet) rather than volume. Now all of this would make you want to pull out your hair if, for example, your new home isn’t ready yet and you need to quickly get some storage space.

So we put on our investigator coats and hats to look into the issues everyone faced and try to create a solution. And we think we cracked it – tell us what you think in the comments section below!

This handy guide will give you an overall look at approximate calculations for 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom homes in cubic meters, truck loads, and square feet. Keep in mind that this infographic is based on average sized homes, so if you’ve got a grand piano in your living room you’ll need to add a bit on to these numbers!

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