Infographic: How Much Do Painting Services in Dubai Cost?

Is your home starting to feel a little drab? No denying that all those dirt marks, paint peels, scratches and the unwelcome fade is starting to wear you down. We know the feeling, we’ve been there, and so have most of our clients who have sent us thousands of queries over the months asking exactly what they can do to give their homes a new look. Maybe you’ve thought about moving to some place new (everyone does it), but hey, hold on, what about a paint job? Have you considered booking a home painting service in Dubai?

Let’s talk cost. We bet the idea of painting the house has crossed your mind a few times but with all other priorities – school for the kids, the new couch you’ve been saving for, that once in a lifetime vacation that you just don’t have the will to push forward anymore – it just doesn’t seem to make it to the top of the list. What you haven’t probably factored is the actual cost that you need to put aside for this home makeover; we can confirm that one coat of paint will not damage your pocket as much as you had imagined! And the impact it will have is incredible!

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After receiving hundreds of quotes from several painting companies in Dubai, we have created an infographic that shows the average costs involved when planning a paint job. From a studio to a four-bedroom villa – we have all the numbers! Click the image below to see an enlarged version of the infographic.


The prices mentioned in the infographic are based on the average painting rates in Dubai, and only include one coat of white paint on walls. A few factors will drive the price of painting services in Dubai higher such as requesting ceiling painting services, paint type, paint color, multiple coats of paint, and the number of painters. Additionally, if you need the painters to work on a weekend or at night it will be factored into the final bill you pay. If you’re looking for a painting company in Dubai, be sure to tell us as much detail as possible about your home or office when you submit a painting request on our site, and we’ll be sure to get you the most accurate quotes. We’ll get you quotes from multiple painting companies in Dubai so you have the opportunity to compare prices and customer reviews before making your decision!

But hold on! When you’re in the process of deciding which company to hire don’t forget these three tips:
  1. If you have young children, allergies or are sensitive to the smell of paint, be sure to inform the painting company ahead of time so they can recommend the best type of paint and plan to ensure you and your family are not exposed to fresh paint.
  2. Discuss time frames with the Dubai painting company so you can make overnight living arrangements if necessary.
  3. Plan ahead of time and be sure to book the painter on your desired date.
Now, it’s time for the big question: When is that home makeover happening? 

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