What You Need to Know About Photographers in Dubai

Photographers in Dubai

So you have a big event coming up and you know it’s going to be absolutely phenomenal. Everything is in perfect order and now it’s just a matter of time until the big day… except for one thing: the photographer. There’s no doubt that a professional photographer is in the top priority list when planning for most events, but it’s getting the right photographer that gets a little tricky. But you can breathe easy knowing ServiceMarket has compiled this one-stop all-you-need-to-know about Dubai photographers guide, so read on!

Know Thy Photographer

Photographers all have their strong points – they excel in some areas while they tend to flounder in others. For example, hiring a wedding photographer well-versed in taking excellent candidΒ photos to build a professional modelling portfolio isn’t typically a good idea. Moreover, you usually have a choice between photographers that belong to licensed companies and freelancers, each with their own pros and cons. Think about your budget and the kind of photography you want done before you hire a photographer.

Paying the Price

Experienced and licensed company photographers are typically more expensive than freelancers in Dubai. However, they often don’t have all the equipment and experience that a studio comes with. Also, many freelancers in Dubai are not licensed, so it’s best to avoid using them for important events as you will not have any legal backbone to stand on in case they do not deliver the photos as promised. Note that different photographers have different ways of calculating their costs. Some ask for a bulk amount for a set number of pictures as well as the editing that goes into them. Others charge per hour or per photograph, and will charge extra for edits and prints. It’ll do you good to cycle through your options and find what package best suits your needs. Just make sure you know what is and what is not included beforehand.

A Study in Locations

Location plays a huge part in the quality and mood of your pictures, which is why you can’t just leave it aside until the last minute. Your Dubai photographer will need to know where you plan to have your snaps taken so they can come prepared with all the necessary equipment to make those pictures work. That’s not all, either. If you’re planning to create a family photo in a controlled setting or need plenty of modelling pictures against a white backdrop, then you’re going to have to visit a studio as most freelancers won’t have the proper setup.

The Gold Experience

While newcomers to the photography business might make for a better deal if you’re on a tight budget, a more experienced photographer will be better equipped to get those jaw-dropping snaps that you want. Moreover veteran photographers are better suited to handle things with a considerable amount of care, making them the best option for your kids’ photoshoot or your graduation ceremony. And remember: always ask for the photographer’s portfolio first! Most of the time you can make out a photographer’s level of skill and aesthetic style through their portfolio.

Now that your bases are all covered, you can easily find the right professional photographer through ServiceMarket. Visit the site today and get multiple free quotes from a wide range of vetted photographers and photo studios in Dubai!

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