A Professional Woman’s Checklist for Throwing the Perfect Party in Dubai

With parties in Dubai becoming increasingly elaborate, many professional women are looking for hassle-free ways to throw the perfect party and make sure everything goes smoothly. Hosting a stylish party might seem like huge task, but you can easily manage it one step at a time, especially if you get help from a professional catering service. The experts at ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for catering and home services, have put together this comprehensive checklist to help you make your upcoming party the talk of the town.

Start with an invitation list

First of all, make an invitation list and then go through it a couple of times to make sure you’ve not missed anyone. If you’re on a budget, then cut down the list until it fits your budget. You should send out invitations at least one month before the event. Make sure everyone RSVPs so that you have a clear idea of how many people will be attending the party, and can make arrangements accordingly.

Plan your menu

With so many types of food and catering options available in the UAE, it can be difficult to decide the menu. Start the process by figuring out whether you want to opt for buffet, multiple course meals or ala carte. Be sure to consider your budget while making this decision. Next, finalize the menu for drinks and desserts and decide if you want to serve appetizers or set up any live stations. In case you’re struggling to select the type of food, you can just go with one or more or the popular types of food in the UAE, which include, Arabic, BBQ, and Indian/Pakistani cuisines. You should also consider asking your guests if they are vegetarian or have any food allergies and share these details with your catering company.  

Select a venue

Make sure the venue you pick is big enough to accommodate your guests. Hosting the party at your home would probably be your first choice as it’s the most convenient and affordable option for most people. But if there isn’t enough space in your home to accommodate all of the guests, then you’d obviously have to look for other venues. Another benefit of not hosting the party at your home is that you won’t have to worry about cleaning and doing the dishes the next day. Try to find and book a venue as early as possible and see if it suits your preferred caterer. If the weather permits it, consider hosting at an outdoor venue like Safa park, Zaabeel Park or Creek Park. Doing so will not only make your party different from most of the others in Dubai, but will also save you money.

Choose the right caterer

Why do everything yourself when you can hire professionals to help you throw a stylish party? Besides preparing food, an experienced catering company would also be able to help you with a lot of tasks such as decorating the venue and serving food and drinks. Make sure your caterer can handle all additional requirements such as providing vegetarian cuisines and setting up live stations. Book your Dubai caterer at least two weeks before the event.

Decorations really matter

From lighting to the types of flowers your would like to place on tables, there are many decor options to consider whether you’re hosting the party at your home or at another venue, so start planning a month before the event. Many caterers also provide decor services, which means that if you make it part of your catering package, you might get a discount.

Hire help

It’s always a good idea to hire waiters to serve food and drinks as it allows the hosts to mingle with the guests instead of running around. It also gives your event a more formal look. Your Dubai caterer should be able to provide professional waiters. You can even hire a babysitter to keep an eye on the kids while the adults socialize.

Keep your guests entertained

Only food and no entertainment, makes your party a dull event, especially if it’s big one. Consider what would be suitable for the type of event you’re hosting and what your guests will enjoy. Options include hiring DJs, fun emcees, and live music. If some of your guests can sing or play a musical instrument, then see if any of them are interested in performing.

Find the right photographer  

Let’s not forget photography while planning the party since it’s the best way to preserve and relive memories of special occasions. You might be tempted to just rely on your smartphone for pictures, but there’s a huge difference between a picture taken with your phone and a professional DSLR camera, so do consider hiring a photographer if it’s a special occasion. Tell your photographer whether you’d like portraits, formal or candid shots. You can even set up a photo booth.  

Finally, thank your guests with goodie bags

It’s the easiest way to make sure your guests remember your party for a long time. In addition to including usual items like chocolates, try to add things that your guests can use for a long time, e.g, customized keychains and pens.

It’s always better to work smart, not hard. By following this checklist and hiring a professional caterer in Dubai, not only can you avoid hassles and save time, but you will also be able to throw more amazing parties.  

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