5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Couch in Dubai

Purchasing a new sofa may seem like an easy task, but once you start sofa hunting, you may find that there are so many options to choose from that you are unsure of where to begin. You want a sofa that is easy to maintain (with the help of a professional sofa cleaning company in Dubai) but still ticks all your boxes in terms of style and how long it lasts. The ServiceMarket experts have put together five handy tips for choosing your perfect couch in Dubai.

Consider the layout and proportions

One of the first things to do before buying a new couch will be to figure out where it will be going in your living room and measuring out the size of space you have to work with. A smaller studio apartment will probably look very crowded with a big L-shape couch, whereas a spacious living room in a villa may be more well-suited to an assortment of couches and armchairs. The best way to make sure you don’t buy a couch that is too big or too small for your space is to get out a tape measure to be absolutely sure of the proportions of the room. It will also be handy to check the dimensions of any doors and lifts your couch will have to pass through to get to your living room so that you can make sure you can make preparations for transporting it to your home Another aesthetic consideration to make is to ensure that it fits comfortably in your room with a couple of cm’s of space on either side of it.

Sectional sofa or standalone?

Sectionals work best when there is a corner space you need to utilise. These couches are roomy and inviting and give off the impression of being more casual. Standalone couches look lovely against a tastefully decorated wall and work well in a more formal entertainment space – they look sleeker and cleaner. You need to ask yourself ‘how many people will be making use of this couch on a daily basis?’ so that you can decide between the two.

If you intend for your space to be more social, a sectional may be best, but if it is only going to be used by members of the family, then either may work well. Remember, it is recommended that a sofa that has regular use will benefit from a professional sofa cleaning service at least once a year.

Cushions: foam or feather?

On this point, experts can unanimously agree that a mix of foam and feather for your couch cushions is ideal. Alone, foam can feel to stiff, especially on your back. However, it is a resilient option and will last a long time. Feathers, on the other hand, can be expensive and make a cushion look lumpy, but are also high on comfort.

When you combine the two on your couch, you will find that feathers give the squishy luxuriously comfortable feel while foam provides structure to your couch and negates the necessity for the cushions to be constantly plumped. It is recommended that the back cushions are made up of feathers for that softer and plusher feel – these are handy for leaning back and relaxing; while the seat cushions are made up of foam, which is high density, and resilient to wear and sagging.

Tip: When you are testing the couches in the store, make sure the seat cushions pop back up when you sit on them or else you will find that the cushions of your new couch will be flattened in no time.

Decide on the fabrics

The upholstery fabric will have a big impact on the room, so make sure you are selective about the colour and pattern, as well as the sheen and texture you want to go for. When deciding on a fabric for your new sofa, it is also helpful to think about the cleaning and upkeep as well as who will be using the sofa on a daily basis – kids, pets or just yourself and your partner? Synthetic materials will last longer and not get faded from the sun (this may be worth considering if you intend for it to be used as a family couch) while loose covers may be worth investigating if you want to remove the covers and wash them in the machine.

Invest in a good frame

This is possibly one of the biggest factors when deciding on a new couch as a quality frame will withstand years of use. When you are shopping around for a couch, you should look for ones that do not wobble or creak and are sturdy and sit firmly on the floor – even if they are display models. Display models in store get a lot of use on a daily basis and depending on how well they withstand in-store usage will be a good indicator of how well they will last in your home. Also, take note of the guarantee – some manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee before they are so confident of their craftsmanship.

With a good frame, it will be easy to have a custom made couch made around your frame when your cushions and coverings are well worn and need to be replaced, and this will save you from having to go out and purchase a brand new couch.Solid hardwood frame is the best option if cost is no object (and if you intend to keep it for a long time). Be wary of particleboard or metal as these do not tend to last and will break after just a few years of use.

Once you have made the decision to buy your new couch, you can get the optimum use out of it by hiring a professional upholstery cleaning company in Dubai through ServiceMarket.

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