Sofa Cleaning and Care Tips to Keep It Looking like New

Sofa cleaning in Dubai

When you spend your hard earned money on furniture, you should make sure that these items keep looking like new. ServiceMarket features many vetted sofa cleaners in Dubai, but if you’d like to try this out yourself, here are some tips to keep your sofa in the stunning state you bought it:


There are probably plenty of crumbs and debris pieces hiding in between your sofa cushions. Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove all of them? Well, you can! Remove the cushions, and get to vacuuming. A vacuum can get to all the hard to reach spaces. Use a small vacuum to get rid of all the dust and dirt in the crevices and use a bigger vacuum to suck up any dirt in the surrounding areas such as under and behind your favorite couch.

Bristle Brush

Every once in awhile, it’s effective to give your sofa a good scrubbing using either a clean sponge or a bristle brush. With the right amount of strokes, you can get rid of dust, allergens, dirt, and more, but be careful not to brush too hard and ruin the upholstery.

Lint Rollers

Keep your sofa looking brand new by using a lint roller on it daily; make it a part of your morning routine. This is especially important if you have furry friends.


Are there a couple of stains you’ve been meaning to get to on the couch? Sort them out yourself by using baking soda. Put some of the powder on the sofa stains and wait for around 15 to 20 minutes. Then take a small white cloth and start dabbing the spots, as many times as it takes to get rid of the stain. Β 

Do you have a leather couch? That requires other ingredients: try olive oil and vinegar mixed together in a spray bottle. Spray the stains and let them dry before you dab with a clean rag.

Baby shampoo can also be used to tackle stains. Use a dime sized amount on any stains or marks on your sofa. Not only will your furniture be clean and stain-free, the bonus here is it’ll also smell absolutely clean and fresh! Get an expert to come in from a cleaning agency in Dubai if you’d like someone to go over the sofa with stronger products.

Have A Schedule

If you set a schedule for yourself, perhaps invest 10 minutes per day on freshening up your sofa, you can ensure that it will last longer. Enhance the look and feel of your couch by trying out these remedies, and call a sofa cleaning company in Dubai every once in awhile to get a more thorough cleaning that gets rid of dust mites and bacteria. Get a number of quotes from ServiceMarket to make the best decision to meet your budgeting needs.

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