Drivers Beware: Speed Limits Reduced On Popular Dubai Roads

Speed Limits Reduced On Popular Dubai Roads

If you are a Dubai driver, then listen up. A major change is coming your way next month that you need to be aware of. You might remember that the Dubai car insurance Β experts at ServiceMarket recently exposed the most common reasons for road accidents in Dubai – and that one of the most frequent causes of accidents is speeding. Therefore, it makes sense that in a bid to reduce road fatalities and the severity of accidents, RTA along with General HQ of Dubai Police have reduced the speed limit on Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed and Emirates Road.

What is the new speed limit?

The speed limit on Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed and Emirates roads will be reduced from 120 kph to 110 kph.

What speed will the cameras be set at?

Since motorists who commit traffic violations are often known to slow down when they spot a speed camera, the fall in speed limit will be accompanied by a resetting of the speed cameras to 131 kph on both roads.

Why is this happening?

The RTA and Dubai Police are hoping that the reduced speed limits, along with the new car rules that were implemented earlier in the year, will help to keep Dubai’s drivers safe, and reduce the number of deaths due to road accidents in Dubai. According to Dubai Police, while there were 160 deaths caused by traffic accidents in 2013, the number rose to 198 in 2016.

Major General Eng. Advisor Mohammed Saif Al Zaffein, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, said, β€œSpeed is a key contributing or associated factor for not less than 60 per cent of traffic road fatalities.” Other reasons for accidents include negligence, sudden change of lanes, poor over taking and tailgating.

When will the speed limits officially change?

The reduced speed limit will be in effect from October 15 2017.

We think it’s great that the RTA and Dubai Police are taking steps to improve the safety of drivers on Dubai roads. Unfortunately, even with these increased safety measures, it’s impossible to rule out the possibility of getting in a car accident. That’s what protecting yourself with the best car insurance policy is essential. It is best to invest in a comprehensive car insurance policy instead of a TPL policy so that you are covered even in the case that you accidentally cause an accident. Read more about the benefits of a comprehensive policy here.