A Guide to Finding and Hiring a Maintenance Company in Dubai for Annual Contracts

Regular maintenance, whether at your home or the office, can be quite challenging. Not only is it difficult to stay on top of things, it can be time-consuming if you do it yourself, which is not always possible. There is also the chance that you might not have the necessary skill set or tools at hand. On the other hand, though, it can be heavy on the pocket to hire someone, even for businesses, every time something needs to be fixed around the office. Hence, it might be more prudent to consider getting an annual contract with a maintenance company in Dubai.

Reasons to Get an Annual Contract

Are annual maintenance contracts even useful or cost-effective? In the long run, such contracts are definitely reasonable in terms of price, even if it seems like a big amount of money to pay upfront or at one time. Whether you take out an annual contract for the maintenance of your home or business in Dubai, there are many advantages that you can enjoy, including, but not limited to:

  • Regular maintenance that happens on schedule reducing what it would cost you overall and saving you time.
  • Having the services of the company you’ve signed the contract with a phone call away, especially in case of an emergency.
  • Avoiding the expensive hourly rates of calling handymen in Dubai when one does arise.
  • Assurance of getting the most professional service, with the workmen dealing with the problem from start to finish.

Choosing the Right Maintenance Company

To get the best out of an annual contract, you have to make sure that you find and hire the best maintenance company in Dubai that you can afford.  

First, identify both your budget (range) as well as make a list of the services you need. For example, if you live in an apartment, you probably don’t need yard maintenance. For your business, on the other hand, your priority might be proper air conditioning care and service.

Then, you can start looking for companies that fit the bill. Use any and all sources, including the Internet and the people around you, like your colleagues or neighbors. Anyone who has already taken out an annual maintenance contract in Dubai would be able to give you the most relevant information.  

Apart from cost and services you require though, you need to look at several factors and questions like:

  • The qualifications, skill level, certifications, and work ethic of the maintenance workers on board with the company.
  • Reviews and testimonials of the workers as well as the company from previous clients. Social media reviews can be a reliable source.
  • The experiences of any of your own friends and family with the said company.
  • The quality and nature of the service of the company in an emergency. Consider things like what constitutes an emergency, would they come immediately for middle-of-the-night breakdowns, how many times can they be called in an emergency in a year, etc.
  • The details of the annual/bi-annual maintenance visits by the company
  • Is there any history of extra or hidden costs being charged by the company? Does the annual contract cover the expenses of maintenance like supplies and equipment?
  • Does the company have any special conditions for service? For example, are the technicians limited to spending a fixed number of hours over the course of the year for the maintenance as and when required? Do you pay extra for extra hours?

Once you’ve completed your in-depth research, identified the companies that fit your requirements and short-listed the best, it is time for you to contact them officially and get quotes for an annual contract. You should aim to have estimates or sample contracts from a minimum of three to five maintenance companies in Dubai. This gives you the opportunity to compare contracts and open the doors of negotiations if needed.  

When all terms are finalized, sign the contract and relax. Of course, don’t forget to read before you sign or consult your lawyer if you feel the need. Your home and business maintenance is now in the hands of professionals.   

Will It Be Worth It?  

The simplest answer is yes. Our research has indicated that having an annual maintenance contract for your home not only gives you peace of mind but also saves you money and time, as opposed to calling in a handyman when the need arises and paying them by the hour or doing it yourself. Plus, a home or an office that is well-maintained on a regular basis (rather than maintained only when needed) is more efficient and safer for all. The peace of mind that comes with all of this definitely makes it all worthwhile.

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