How to Manage the Cost of Cleaning Services in Riyadh

Every home needs regular cleaning sessions to stay in good condition. But budgeting for monthly house cleaning services in Riyadh can be challenging, especially since there are so many different factors to consider. The experts at ServiceMarket have put together this guide to help you make sure the cost of cleaning services stays within your budget.

Figure out your exact requirements

The first step is to figure out how many hours of cleaning your home requires every week. Since everyone has a different lifestyle and sizes of homes also vary, cleaning needs can differ quite drastically from one person to another. The larger your home, the more expensive cleaning services in Riyadh will be. This is because the cleaners will need to spend more time cleaning your home and it is also likely that more than one professional will be required. The size of your family also matters. A messy villa that has four family members and two pets, for instance, will need more attention than a single professional’s studio apartment. 

Prepare a monthly budget

Before booking a cleaning service for your Riyadh home, make sure you consider your exact needs and prepare a monthly budget for cleaning. Doing so will help you spend just the right amount of money to keep your home spick and span all year round. You should also decide if you are willing to tackle some of the chores yourself or want help for everything. You can set up a daily cleaning routine for yourself to manage your home better. If you are on a tight budget, your family can divide and conquer some of the household chores and the cleaners could come in once a week to take care of the other tasks.

Sign up for a monthly package 

Did you know you can save as much as 14% on cleaning just by signing up for a monthly package? That’s why many consumers prefer ServiceMarket’s discounted monthly packages that cost as little as SAR 575 + VAT per month for a weekly cleaning service of 4 hours. If you go for our pay-as-you-go option with a minimum booking of 4 hours, the cost goes up to SAR 40 + VAT per hour. You can easily explore various cleaning packages to find the most suitable option by clicking here.

Compare quotes for specialty cleaning services 

If you are also planning to hire some specialty services like sofa and carpet cleaning to complement general home cleaning services, then be sure to do some comparison shopping to save a significant amount of money. Not only can you request free quotes from multiple professional cleaning companies in Riyadh through ServiceMarket, but you can also read customer reviews and compare company ratings online to make an informed decision. 

ServiceMarket only features cleaning companies in Riyadh that are vetted and have trained staff to take care of your home properly. We also provide offers like monthly subscription packages to help you save money on cleaning. Book a professional house cleaning service in Riyadh through ServiceMarket now! 

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