The 5 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Don’t you just wish that cleaning your home wasn’t as exhausting a task as it usually is? Of course, cleaning hacks are always welcome but some things you need to approach the old fashioned way. But what is the old fashioned way? Humans have been cleaning for so long that we may have forgotten the right way of doing things somewhere along the way. Are there any cleaning mistakes that you’re unknowingly making? Read on and find out:

Using old newspapers for windows and glassware

We’re sure that you’ve heard plenty about how newspaper just seems to clean better when it comes to rubbing out pesky smears on your windows and glassware. And hey, maybe there’s some truth to that. What they don’t tell you however (and we owe it to the fact that they’re not aware of it either) is that wet newspaper tends to leave behind tough ink stains on the frames as well as on your hands. You might be able to scrub those stains off your skin in a day or two, but you’ll have to get used to seeing those ugly splotches on your beautiful window and picture frames unless you get them painted or replaced. It’s better to use microfiber cloth or squeegees to do an excellent, stain-free cleaning job.

Cleaning from the floor up

If you clean your floor first and then move up to dust the furniture, then you’ve only just dusted your furniture. Think about it, where would all the dirt go if you sweep it off your tables and upholstery? To the floor of course. The right way to go about it is to work from the top to the bottom, starting at the highest points in your room. We suggest tackling cobwebs and dusting the ceiling fan and chandelier should go first. If you’re afraid of heights or just want a thorough cleaning, you can always hire a professional cleaning service in Dubai to handle everything.

Leaving carpet spills for later

Sometimes you just can’t be bothered about little troubles. Either you’re too comfortable to want to move, or too tired to care when you or someone else spills a little juice on the carpet. “It’s not important, I’ll clean it up after dinner,” you might tell yourself. But even this tiny little blot can become an eyesore if left long enough to dry and become a permanent DIY design on the carpet. Deal with any spills as soon as they happen but don’t just dab them with a wet cloth and call it a day. Pour some baking soda onto the stain, enough to completely cover it, and leave it for a few hours. Then, just vacuum the soda and voila! The stain is all gone! However, this only works for recent spills – older stains are tough to handle on your own which is why you should book a carpet cleaning service to tackle those tough blots.

Using more cleaning chemicals than necessary

Too much of anything is never good and the same goes for cleaning fluids and powders. Using too much liquid soaps for your dishes makes it harder for you to wash it off – if not cleaned properly, you might wind up ingesting a little soap the next time you use those cups and dishes. Excess detergent can actually wear down fabric and stain it white due to a stronger chemical concentration, which is why you have to measure the right amount of detergent for your laundry load. The same goes for liquids – use as much as you think can get the job done and work in small patches for your counters, windows and tiled floors. Tired or stressed out because of all the house chores and need a break? Why not get pros to do your laundry for you? You take care of the home, while Washmen take care of your clothes. 

Using cleaning products on desktops

Standard cleaning products are always a no-no for electronics. We all know that water and expensive hardware doesn’t exactly mix, but soap suds are another natural enemy of the common computer/phone. Soap doesn’t exactly dry and evaporate – it stays where it spills and interferes with the hardware. Before cleaning your house, make sure to move your electronics away or pack them in their cases. If you want to clean your laptop and phone, however, just use an alcohol pad for the outer casing and screen, and turn your keyboard over to shake out anything that might have gotten caught in the keys.

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