Dubai to Australia: International Moving Quotes Explained

When you begin searching for international movers for your move to Australia from Dubai, you’ll suddenly feel overwhelmed with many questions about the process and we’re here to answer them, specifically regarding the quote you receive from international moving companies. If this is new territory for you, you’re probably wondering what several items on the quote mean, but have no fear: we’ve compiled explanations for the most common queries about relocation quotes.

The Basics

Before we get into the quote, there are some basics you should think about when hiring a relocation service in Dubai. For example, did the company you choose provide you with references from previous jobs? Did they show you their certifications and licenses for international moving? And finally, did they notify you of all the documents you need to compile for the move, for both Dubai and Australia? If the answer is yes to all those questions, you’re almost done! Just read through the rest of this article to find out what surprise costs you need to get ready for and what should already be included.

Amount of Belongings

A little breakdown of a quote is exactly what you need to prepare your finances and allocate the right amount of funds for the move. First of all, you should take inventory of the amount of items you wish to ship to Australia. The more the belongings, the more the overall cost will be. If you see a high price on the quote and would like to do something about it: just go through your possessions and try to donate, throw away, or keep things in storage to lessen the load. This will greatly affect the price of shipping to help you save, especially since the distance to Australia is a significant one.

Distance of New Home

This brings us to another item on the quote: distance. International movers in Dubai will advise you on the right way to ship your items to Australia. Choose what works best for you but keeping in mind that while shipping by sea might be the cheapest option, you might not want to arrive at your destination and have to wait months for your belongings. If you’ve got the time, pick sea transport and time your arrival to meet your shipment in Australia. If you haven’t got the time and can afford it, opt for air freight services.

Packing Up

You’ll likely need some help with packing your belongings. A shipping company in Dubai with plenty of experience will provide packing services like folding, boxing, and taking down curtains, picture frames, and lights and placing everything in protective packaging to endure the journey ahead to Australia. If you don’t see a price for packing on your quote, you can easily ask the company you’re dealing with to add it.

Home Location

Do you see a charge for stairs on your quote? Or a high location charge? It might be that your home is located too far for the international mover in Dubai, so they’re charging you extra since it’s outside their regular route. If you’re on the top floor of an apartment building and have no access to an elevator, that will also be reflected in the quote. The reason for this is the company will have to send extra movers to bring down your belongings safely and securely.

Full-time Movers

If your quote includes an added cost for full-time movers, this means that the company is sending you their full-time employees and that increases the overall cost. You can tell the shipping company in Dubai that you would prefer to work with part-time movers if you’d prefer the cost to go down. The reason for this extra charge is that it’s cheaper for companies to work with part-timers, but the disadvantage is that they’re not the most reliable workers. When you’re preparing for a move to Australia, you need to make sure that reliable and punctual movers will be coming on the scheduled day. When part-time workers are late or don’t show up at all, this could delay your entire moving plan.

When To Move

When there is a large cost on the quote for the time of year you’ll be moving; this indicates how busy this season is for the international moving companies. When you choose to move during the summer season, you’re adding costs to your relocation budget. If it’s possible, move your departure date to the winter time, when things calm down and prices decrease.

Even if you still have questions about your quote, ServiceMarket encourages you to inquire about any worries and concerns. If there is a service you don’t think you need, don’t be shy to tell your international mover in Dubai to remove it. Likewise, if you’d extra help with packing or customs handling, be sure to mention it so it’s added to the quote.

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