Select the Right Paint Color for Your Home

With so many options out there, painting your house – or even a room – can be a daunting task. Where do you start? The important thing to remember is that a new color should not only update the look of your room but also create the right atmosphere. You should avoid using brash and overpowering colors in rooms you want to relax in. Similarly, a baby blue shade isn’t going to give you the bachelor vibe you want for your games room! The following guide prepared by ServiceMarket should give you a few ideas how you can achieve the perfect atmosphere with the use of the right colors in the right rooms!


This is a perfect (and very sophisticated) color for your bedroom. Purple is often associated with reducing stress. With the softness of lavender comes a restful atmosphere and a place where you can truly relax at the end of the day.

Sky blue:

Another color option for the bedroom that encourages relaxation is sky blue. Blue is generally known as an elegant color which exudes calmness. As reminiscent of the sky and the ocean, the right shade of blue can lend the room an aura of tranquility and peace that we all need to recharge at night.


An often neglected area of the house is the bathroom. And yes, it does matter what kind of vibe your bathroom conveys. Did you know an average person spends almost 2 years of their live in the bathroom?! While neutrals like white or light grey are a fail-safe option, you can break the monotony with a brighter neutral color like fawn. This injects a more chic look to the space.   

Lime Green:

Kitchens look okay being neutral-toned, right? Sure but why not spruce up the otherwise “safe” color with a lime green? Suggestive of nature and fresh produce, the color can bring some liveliness to the kitchen and can make you feel more active.

Tan brown:

Neutrals like this tan brown always work wonderfully for open spaces as well. This makes the room look warm, inviting and comfortable, without the pitfall of a brighter or a darker color, and make decorating easier too. It works particularly well with dark furniture and curtains, and is an ideal choice for a elegant dining room.


If you’re after the shabby-chic vibe for your living room, then you can’t go wrong with a shade of cream. Pair it with light colored curtains, a lovely antique style carpet, and comfy sofas, and voila – the perfect relaxing living room!


If you want a brighter living room space, why not reproduce the tranquility of “blue” in your living room with a cerulean tone of the color. So whether you’re lounging in on the weekend or spending some precious moments with your family, the blue will help you unwind. Using it as an accent wall will also give the room an airy, cheerful feel.

One last thing – before you finalize the color with your painting company, keep your existing furnishings in mind. It is easier to paint around furniture than to paint first and then find out that the décor doesn’t match! Also, be on the same page with the paint company. You can do this by understanding some basic terminology (like what is hue, saturation, intensity, sheen, etc.) and how the color wheel works in terms of complements.


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