What to Look for When Hiring a Water Tank Cleaning Company in Dubai

Benefits of water tank cleaning in Dubai

Unclean water is the one of the leading cause of illnesses in the world, so it’sΒ very important to clean your water tank. Even if you don’t drink the water out of your water tank, you still brush your teeth and clean your home with it. This is why ensuring the water that is coming out of the tank is of the highest possible quality at all times is beneficial to you and your family.Β Water tank maintenance experts at ServiceMarket have put together a list of things to look for when hiring a water tank cleaning company in Dubai.Β Be sure to ask the following questions before you make a decision.

Are they approved by the Dubai Municipality?

In order for companies to be approved by the Dubai Municipality, they need to undergo a comprehensive vetting process, in which the Dubai Municipality grades companies based on the level of training the staff have and the condition of the equipment they use. Moreover, the supervisors are required to go for a verbal and written assessment on the cleaning process.

Are they licensed?

All water tank cleaning companies in Dubai need to have a valid license from the Dubai Municipality to clean storage tanks. Cleaning water tanks is a delicate process and it needs to be done correctly to ensure that there are no unclean water related illnesses.

Are they trained?

Following the point above, the cleaning staff needs to be trained and aware of the government regulations for water tank cleaning. The staff should be knowledgeable about these regulations and be able to answer your questions about the regulations, the equipment they use and the precautions they take in full.

Do they have a lot of experience?

An experienced water tank cleaning company is always the best company to choose. It means that they have done the job frequently, have experienced staff and will likely be the most aware of the regulations set by the Dubai Municipality. They will also be aware of what areas to focus on within the tank and know how to deal with problem areas appropriately. Β 

What do the customer reviews say about them?

Last but not least, always check what customers have to say about the water tank cleaning company you are considering. You can find suitable water tank cleaning companies in DubaiΒ and read customer reviews onΒ ServiceMarket.

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