6 Tips to Protect Your Car in Dubai While You Are on Holiday

Protect your vehicle with car insurance in Dubai

Going on a vacation? Your tickets are booked, bags are packed, and home is secured. In all the excitement, don’t forget about your car. Take the necessary precautions to make sure your car is safe while you are on holiday. For example, do you have comprehensive car insurance in Dubai? Here are a few tips from the experts at ServiceMarket on how to protect your car while you are on holiday. 

1) Get comprehensive car Insurance

If you don’t already have car insurance in Dubai, make sure you get a comprehensive policy. A comprehensive policy is not mandatory by law in the UAE, unlike the mandatory third party liability insurance (TPL) which only protects damage to the other passenger and car. A comprehensive car insurance policy will cover your vehicle in case of loss due to theft or fire and also allow you to sign up for multiple add-ons. 

2) Lock up and activate anti-theft systems

This may seem obvious but make sure your car is locked and anti-theft systems are activated. If your car is not equipped with an anti-theft device, a simple steering wheel lock can also be a deterrent. Whether you are taking the keys with you or leaving them behind, keep them in a safe place where you will easily find them. Roll up the windows to make sure that moisture and dust cannot get inside. 

3) Park it in a safe place

You can leave the car in your own garage, or park at a covered commercial garage that’s safe. Consider investing in an appropriate car cover to offer protection from heat and dust. Another option is to request a friend if you can park your car at their home. 

4) Leave the fuel tank almost empty

If your car runs on petrol, just leave a little fuel in the tank so that you can drive to the nearest gas station and fill up after you come back. This is because petrol degrades over time and a car filled with low-quality fuel will either not run or run very poorly. It’s advisable to get a fresh tank of gas after you come back. 

5) Remove important documents

Even if you are parking your car in a safe spot, don’t leave any important documents in it. Remove insurance papers and any other important paperwork and put them somewhere safe in your house instead. In fact, don’t leave anything at all in your car, especially not in plain sight to reduce chances of a break-in. 

6) Do required maintenance 

If you are planning to leave for a long vacation, disconnect the car battery. Even if the car is not being used, the electronic parts of your car slowly drain the battery. Pump the tires to maximum pressure to avoid flat spots. Change the motor oil if you are leaving for a longer vacation. Finally, have your car cleaned and waxed because not only is it great to come back to a clean home, but also a clean car. If you are looking for a well-maintained and inspected used car in Dubai, you can easily find one through CarSwitch.com. 

Now that you have taken all the necessary precautions to keep your favorite set of wheels safe, you can go off and enjoy your vacation without any stress. You can easily find the right comprehensive car insurance in Dubai through ServiceMarket.