The Cost of Salik in Dubai


Owning a car has become expensive for a lot of people. We have seen a steady hike in fuel prices which has escalated the cost of moving in Dubai too. In addition, people in Dubai also have to incur the expense of crossing the Salik toll gates.

How Many Salik Gates Are in Dubai?

Here is a list of Salik gates you can expect to come across in Dubai depending on the route you take.

Salik Gates in Dubai


Jebel Ali

Sheikh Zayed Road

Al Safa

Sheikh Zayed Road

Al Barsha

Sheikh Zayed Road

Airport Tunnel

Beirut Street

Al Maktoum

Al Maktoum Bridge

Al Garhoud

Al Garhoud Bridge

Al Mamzar North

Al Ittihad Street

Al Mamzar South

Al Ittihad Street

You will have to pay 4 AED every time you cross one of these gates. However, if you cross the Al Mamzar North and South toll gates within an hour’s difference, in the same direction, you will only have to pay once.

How Much Will Salik Cost Me?

The cost of the Salik tag depends on your work commute. If you typically pass through two Salik gates, your Salik costs will double. For instance, if you are commuting from Trade Center to Dubai Marina, you will have to pay AED 8 a day. That calculates to around AED 160 a month.

You can purchase the tag at AED 100 from selected branches of EPPCO/ ENOC, Emarat, or ADNOC petrol stations. If you buy it online, you pay an additional 20 AED for the delivery charges. However, the online option is available for only those vehicles that are registered in the UAE and fall into private and motorcycle plate categories.

The good news is that as yet, there is no rule of 5% VAT on any Salik services!

Recharging the Salik Account

To avoid any violations or forgetting to recharge your account, you can set it up for auto recharge. The service of auto top-up can be availed through banks so confirm with your bank if they offer it or not. Another way to recharge your Salik tag is through your credit card. You can use it through the Salik website or the Smart Salik app and recharge with ease.

Why Did RTA Do This?

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) did it to redistribute the traffic flow on the main roads. Sheikh Zayed Road is intended to be an express traffic corridor. Separating the link between the two Salik toll gates helps reduce the flow of the traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road as drivers will find alternative routes (e.g. Al Khail Road or Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road) to try to avoid the extra charge.

So Is This Good or Bad?

It depends. For a lot of us, it doesn’t make any difference as many of us don’t use both toll gates. But what if your daily commute involves passing through multiple toll gates? If you are willing to pay a little bit extra for a faster commute, this is a good thing. It will cost you AED 100 if you decide to get a Salik tag. Out of that, AED 50 will be added to your account balance.

However, if you are not willing to pay extra, or if you simply don’t have the budget, you can divert to (slower) alternative routes.

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