How to Protect Your Personal Investments with Self-Storage in Dubai

To ensure the full protection of your most prized possessions, it is a smart decision to lock them away in a self-storage unit in Dubai. ServiceMarket brings you some steps you need to take before you put your precious belongings in a self-storage unit in Dubai.

Even if you aren’t traveling for a long period of time, you must find yourself worrying about your children or pets breaking any of your collectables. There’s no telling what a full house could do to the status and condition of valued items you’ve worked hard to collect. So consider placing personal investments in a safe and secure home until you need them again and follow the advice below:

  • Create an inventory and take photographs of everything before you start packing away. This way you will know if anything is damaged or missing when you take it out of the facility. Also, take out insurance for all your valuables before taking them to the facility if you haven’t insured them already. If you already have coverage, you need to inform the insurance company of your decision to move your possessions to a storage unit.
  • When it comes to packing away the valuables make sure they’re placed properly in their boxes. The most fun packing utensil needed for breakable collectables is bubble wrap! Once you’ve decided on a storage company in Dubai, invest in a good amount of bubble wrap and get to wrapping. After wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap, follow by wrapping the items with packing paper. Place the breakables in boxes with other fragile items and fill the gaps with packing peanuts. It’s always best to keep the breakables near linens in the storage unit if possible; in case something falls, there’s a soft landing right below.
  • For books, you shouldn’t place them upright, as that damages the spine. Make sure each book is laid down, one atop the other in the boxes. This helps preserve and protect the book’s condition over a lengthy period of time.
  • Where there’s antiques, there’s leather. Protect your leather items, such as covers, cases, couches, or clothes by treating them with a special conditioner before you take them to storage. Here is an article on self-storage which tells you what you can or can’t store if this is your first time renting a storage unit in Dubai.
  • If you’re the proud owner of a historic table or chair, you must take the proper precautions before packing it away. Be sure to always cover tables, desks, and chairs with blankets when placed in the storage company. This way, you’ll save the items from dust, dirt, and scratches. If you are going to be leaving any of these items in storage for a long time, consider wrapping books, fabrics and artwork in non-acidic archival paper and wood and glass items in stretch wrap.
  • Also, remember to transport these items to the storage facility only after providing sufficient padding in the moving truck or vehicle. This could be done using bubble wrap, blankets, foam and stacking all the boxes securely. And don’t forget to be gentle with everything while loading and unloading.

If you want to get free quotes from storage unit facilities in Dubai for the storage of your personal investments, head over to ServiceMarket. You can also read customer reviews of each company before you make the decision. If you are wondering what to consider when choosing a facility, here are some valuable tips.

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