6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do Your Laundry in Dubai

Making time for laundry in Dubai can be tiresome and most of us dread facing that pile of dirty clothes every few days. Fortunately, there is another option and you don’t have to take on this chore. Like other household tasks such as house cleaning and gardening, you can simply outsource it. Here are six reasons you should consider booking a professional laundry service in Dubai instead of doing it yourself.

1) Laundry services are more affordable than you think

You can get about 20 shirts washed and folded for as little as AED 49! Besides, installing and running a washing machine and dryer also involves some costs. The electricity and water bills can really add up in the long run and you have to buy a lot of cleaning supplies as well.

2) Take back your time  

How much time are you spending on folding and ironing every week, or just waiting for loads of laundry to get done? A professional service can pick up your laundry and deliver it back to you in just under a day. You don’t have to spend time folding socks and ironing collars. You clothes will be ironed and ready to go straight into your closet! Get valuable hours back to catch up on work, pursue an interest, or just kick back and relax after a tough day.

3) Maintain the quality of your clothes

Leaving a red sock in a load of whites is a popular laundry horror story. That is because we are not experts and even the most careful people can make mistakes that damage clothes. A laundry service knows all the tricks of the trade and will ensure that your clothes are handled appropriately and returned to you in great shape. Professional laundry services can also maintain quality and extend the life of fabrics. No more shrunk sweaters, stained shirts, or iron scorch marks!

4) Some stains just need experts

Tackling stubborn stains like coffee and chocolate can be tough even with the best home remedies. When a toddler walks in with grass stains on his new white shorts, many parents consider it a lost battle. Let a professional laundry service restore your clothes.

5) Convenience really matters

This is especially important if you use a common building facility or a laundromat. You don’t need to haul your dirty clothes somewhere else and wait around for hours in a dull room for washing and drying cycles to complete. Not to mention the battle to find empty machines! Instead just relax, order take-out, and enjoy the convenience of a home delivery service.

6) A word on dry cleaning

A professional laundry service will also offer you the option of dry cleaning luxury fabrics. Fabrics like silk, wool, and velvet can require dry cleaning to maintain their quality. You can preserve your designer wear and enjoy wearing it over many years if it is properly handled by professionals.

Are you ready to book a professional laundry service in Dubai and eliminate yet another household task from your long list of things-to-do? If so, browse options on ServiceMarket, and enjoy your crisp, fresh and hassle-free wardrobe!

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