How to Pick Reliable International Movers for Your Move to India

There’s nothing better than having peace of mind regarding the shipping process when you’re moving to India from Dubai, since you’ll be facing many challenges. You can make it easier by finding the best international movers in Dubai on ServiceMarket. Here’s everything you need to know about the process of finding reliable international movers for your move to India.

How To Pick Movers

Get quotes from relocation companies in Dubai, pick the one that suits your budget, and sign a contract. Seems simple, doesn’t it? It is, but first you need to be aware of the general estimate for the cost of moving internationally to India. If you roughly know how much you will need to spend, you can make better and more informed decisions. Some factors you should take into consideration: the weight and amount of the belongings you want to move, how far will you be transporting them, and the location you will be sending your possessions and your relocation budget.

The Basics

After deciding on the fundamentals of the move, you can now choose a transport method. A professional relocation service in Dubai will give you the option of sending your items by land, sea, or air. They’ll give you quotes on all of the above and explain the benefits and downside to each if you inquire.

Ask any of the international movers and packers that you find on ServiceMarket whether there’s a tax you need to be aware of when your belongings leave the country or enter a new one. They should have information regarding value added tax and any other fees you haven’t considered. If they don’t have any answers for you, take that as a red flag. You should then find another moving company to take care of your items as this one might be inexperienced or fraudulent.

Popular Destination

Did you know India is the number one country that most UAE residents are relocating to? Due to its high number of employment opportunities, it’s becoming the top destination for people that used to live in the UAE. This fact goes in your favor, because the most common destinations, have the lowest shipping rates. If you come across a quote that is too high, you know that you should reject it.

It is also good news when you’re moving to a popular destination because you can use all the help you can get. You will likely find hundreds of families that have been through what you’re going through and they can be a wealth of information. It is quite likely that you will find customer reviews that can help you make your decision on a shipping company in Dubai. You want someone experienced that has enough past references to give you some peace of mind. Check the moving company’s website to get an impression on their type of work. If it’s a quality website, you can safely guarantee that their treatment of your belongings will be careful and efficient.   


Another point to consider if your move to India is temporary is renting out storage in Dubai. Many other residents that have moved to India for a short-term project for work have kept a bulk of their items in the UAE in secure and quality storage spaces. Some shipping companies can direct you to a reputable storage facility. This way you won’t have to worry about moving big pieces back and forth, decreasing your overall cost.

Certifications and Licenses

When in doubt, always ask the company you’re communicating with to share information regarding their certificates and licenses. The best international movers in Dubai will have FIDI accreditation. If a company can’t provide proof of their credibility this way, you know you’re dealing with a novice or fraudulent company and it will backfire on you in the long run even if their budget suits you.

Trust Your Instincts

The most important task is to collect several quotes before making a decision. However, do not accept quotes over the phone. An experienced and reliable company will send an agent to your home to survey your belongings before giving you an estimate of the cost. This estimate should be in writing. You’re already going through a big change; there’s no reason to gamble with your furniture and personal items just because a quote suited your budget. Invest in quality now and you won’t have to replace anything broken or misplaced in the moving process later. Consider how the company’s agents deal with you, how their employees answer the phone and your questions. Always trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, consider the other international movers and packers that you shortlisted through ServiceMarket.

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