Relocating to a New Home with a Baby

There is no need to fool ourselves that moving house is an entirely an exciting and amazing experience. Well, it might be at the beginning when you don’t know what you are getting into. The moment you start packing and dealing with the moving company, you will feel overwhelmed. The things get even more complicated when you’re relocating with a baby.

While you might be more concerned with the physical part of the process such as the logistics, your child will be more affected by the psychological side of the moving. Your baby will not stress about details such as selling the house or stacking the moving van. They might feel anxious because of the enormous change.

Babies are creatures of habit. They are used to a predictable routine that, if disrupted, can impact their well-being.  If they are sensitive and don’t adapt easily, their anxiety might manifest in decreased appetite, regressive or unusual behaviour and clinginess. You can minimize the effects of the move by taking certain measures before, during and after the relocation.

Prepare Your Baby

  • Before the move – Talk with your baby, even if they don’t understand you completely. The soothing and lively tone will help them accept the change easier.
  • On the moving day – Be sure that you have all the essentials in a bag such as diapers, sanitary napkins and food. This is important, especially if you are moving to a distant place. It’s always good to have first aid kit, in case of emergency too. Don’t forget to take a couple of their favourite toys too!
  • After the move – Set up your baby’s room first. Try to arrange the space in a similar way as it was in your old home.  Give time for your child to get used to the new surroundings. Don’t plan any family vacations or other major events. Spend as much time as possible at home.

Napping and Sleeping

As you know, sleeping plays a huge role in babies’ routine. The good news is that the move will be less disturbing for the infants than it will be for older children.

  • On the moving day – Make an appointment with the movers to come when the baby is awake. In this way they will not interrupt their nap time.
  • After the move – Try to preserve their ongoing routine. Follow their regular time for eating and sleeping as much as possible.

Keep Your Baby Happy

Travelling is tiring and stressful for some babies. During the ride, you can play a CD with soothing sounds. Some experts advise to perform “neck nestle.” You need to snuggle your baby and lift them up until their head nestles into your neck. Your neck and chin should lean over the baby. This is a calming and comforting way to hold your baby during the trip.

With a little care and attention your baby will be able to embrace the change and the moving house process, without feeling stressed or anxious.

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