Save Money and Time by Getting Your Laundry Done in Dubai

Laundry services in Dubai can prove to be quite affordable if you come to think about it. Getting your laundry all clean and fresh without you having to put in much effort seems like an ideal situation, right? Well it actually is! You save up on so much without even realizing it.

There are so many laundry services available in Dubai that the prices are highly competitive, making it beneficial for the people living in Dubai. Since the laundry companies in Dubai require washing material and other resources in bulk, their own costs are generally lower. As a result they are able to offer laundry services at reasonable prices to the consumers. 

The per load cost of laundry in Dubai typically ranges from AED 49-AED 99 depending on the laundry company you are going for. However, it may vary according to the clothing item you want to get washed. To find out the cost for different items of clothing, click here.

For your convenience, we have broken down all the materials and equipment you would require if you were to wash your own clothes at home. This will put things in perspective for you when in a dilemma of whether to hire a laundry service in Dubai or to do your own laundry at home.

Is Hiring a Laundry Service in Dubai More Affordable Than You Think?

Save on buying a washing machine

When washing your own laundry at home, you will require a washing machine which is the most expensive item one must invest in when washing your clothes at home. Washing machines can typically cost around AED 700 and can go up to AED 5000 depending on the specifications. 

This might seem like a one-time expense. However in the long run, you might come across maintenance issues which require additional expense on the washing machine, especially if your warranty has expired. In such cases, you might require a handyman and spare parts which might not be easily available. 

Save on washing detergent expenses

Washing material like detergents and fabric softeners is also an added expense. Moreover, these detergents and accompanying products have to be bought on a regular basis. They automatically drive up the cost of your monthly supermarket run. 

On average, a washing detergent can cost you around AED 30, bleach can cost you around AED 15 while fabric softener can cost you around AED 22. While the monthly expense largely depends on the number of clothes you wash in a month, it would cost you roughly around AED 70 per month if you were to do your laundry yourself.

If you were to hire a laundry service instead, you will end up saving on these products as well. 

Save on water and utility expenses

When getting your laundry done from a laundry service, you save up on your utility bills as you will be using less water as opposed to washing clothes at home. 

According to a study by the Portland Water Bureau, one of the largest uses of water in a typical residential household is laundry, constituting for about 22% of the total household usage. 

Protect your sensitive clothes such as silk and wool

Laundry services in Dubai not only provide you with washing facilities but also offer other services like dry-cleaning and ironing. Moreover, such establishments have experience tending to different materials with extreme care.

Save time!

In addition to saving up on money, you also save up on another much valuable resource, time. You can easily save up around 2 hours a week (or more depending on your load) which can instead be spent doing leisure activities good for your mental health. 

On the whole, if you look from a practical point of view, after summing up the total cost, hiring a laundry service will seem like a far better and more affordable option as opposed to doing your own laundry at home.

When hiring a laundry service in Dubai, you will not only be saving up in terms of the monetary aspect but you will be conserving your own energy as well as you will have one less thing to worry about. You can spend the same time relaxing rather than running around doing chores.

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