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ServiceMarket’s Bana Shomali, makes light work of one of life’s most stressful events

Needle in the Haystack

“There are three ways to determine the quality of your movers; based on how trained the teams are, if they have closed trucks and what packing material they use. Premium movers charge higher prices because they use better packing material, have a fully trained English speaking crew, use closed trucks and have faster moving times.” So, essentially the less you pay, the less of these premium services you will enjoy. Here are Bana’s list of questions, to help you sort the best from the rest:

  • What certifications do you have?
  • Do you have your own team and trucks or do you sub-contract? Do you have closed trucks?
  • Is your team fully trained and do they wear your company uniforms?
  • How long have you been operating in the UAE?
  • Does every team have a crew leader who has a good command of English?
  • Do you use strong materials for packing of items?
  • What happens if there are damages? How much does insurance cover?
  • Do you provide handyman services?
  • Do you work Fridays? Are there any extra charges?

What you should pay

It’s always best to have at least 3 movers conduct a physical survey of your home,” says Bana. “Compare the full list of services such as unpacking, handyman services, materials provided, and debris removal, to accurately compare prices.”

When moving locally, there are four factors that will directly affect the cost of your move.

Number of trips or trucks: This simply means how many trips one truck would need to make to move your belongings, or the cost incurred by using multiple trucks. Basically, the more trucks or trips needed, the higher the cost.

Labour: Depending on how well trained your crew are, this will affect the cost. Plus, specialised services including hanging up curtains and pictures or fixing light fittings will require a handyman, not always included in your price.

Amount of packing material: Simply, the more boxes and rolls of bubble wrap you need, the higher the cost of your move.

Other requirements: If you need extra storage, a crane, rigging, abnormal access, and insurance, this all falls under the “other” category, and will cost you extra. Almost all movers will mention the costs of these requirements separately.

Be prepared

Bana’s advice? Be forewarned and well armed to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day:

  • Take care of your food. Consume everything beforehand or arrange for a cool box to store all the items in on the day of the move.
  • Set up a play date for the kids away from the house on moving day.
  • Ask neighbours to take care of your pets on the moving date. Cats and bubble wrap, or dogs with packing pellets isn’t the greatest combination.
  • Arrange for a cleaning service to clean your new home first and then your old residence once everything is out.
  • Give the moving crew clear directions to your current residence and new destination before the day of the move.
  • Set aside valuable belongings, like passports, jewellery and wallets, before the move date for you to transport personally. You don’t want anything getting packed away in one of the boxes by accident!
  • Set up a “For Charity” box for everyone in the house to use as they organise their belongings for the move.
  • Before the moving day make sure you and the mover agree to all terms and conditions of your quote before signing anything.

Five indicators of a good removal company

  • Certifications: Look for the standard certification for removal companies, the International Association of Movers (IAM), or ISO certifications which ensure standardization
  • Ratings: Ratings are a good way to determine the quality of service. At ServiceMarket we emphasize customer service when getting ratings to give future customers a better understanding of the type of service they’ll be getting.
  • Training of crew: Trust is vital since they will be handling your possessions. Some companies will have trained their crew for up to 6 months before moving them onto the job.
  • Infrastructure and materials: Good removal companies use closed trucks, have strong packing materials, their own warehouse for storage purposes, and offer special packing services such as export packing.
  • Age of company: As a general rule, the older the company, the better. Especially in the UAE, where removal companies can start and close within the same year, the more years the company has under their belt can be associated with reliability.

Now that you know what to look for and what to expect, submit a request on our website and we can help you get quotes from multiple movers for free!

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