ServiceMarket Introduces PCR Test Service at Home in Dubai

PCR test covid dubai

The global pandemic we are living in has reshaped our lives confining us to our homes. The Dubai government has established some rules to combat this pandemic with the help of lockdowns and requirements like taking the PCR test upon entering Dubai.

Despite not being in a lockdown, most of us avoid going out of our homes unless absolutely necessary, which is the wise thing to do at such a sensitive time. To facilitate our customers and to make it easier for them to get their COVID-19 test done during this time ServiceMarket has come up with a new service for you. The at-home PCR test service is the latest addition to ServiceMarket’s already elaborate portfolio of services.

Currently, it is only being offered in Dubai. It will soon be introduced in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah as well so keep a lookout!

PCR test is a nasal swab test that is used to identify whether a person is COVID positive or not. To find out more about the PCR test service, click here.

Why book with ServiceMarket?

With ServiceMarket, you can easily book the PCR test service.

It is a very simple process:

  • Download the ServiceMarket app.
  • Sign up.

Once you have registered you have to go through the following steps:

  • Select the PCR service on the app.
  • Fill out the corresponding information; whether you are opting for Express or Regular, enter your name and Emirates ID if you are a UAE resident. Non-residents can enter their Passport number instead.
  • Select the date and time you need the service on.
  • Add your location and enter your address.
  • Select the payment option. You can either pay online through credit card or in cash once the service has been delivered to you.
  • Confirm all the details and click on Book Now!

With the at home PCR test service, you will get to save a significant amount of time. You can book an appointment 3-4 hours before you require the service. Once you get an appointment, you do not have to visit a test center. Instead you can just relax while the professionals on our team visit your home and conduct the test. Moreover, you do not have to wait in long queues for 1-3 hours!

The professionals who will visit your home to conduct the tests are from MoH (Ministry of Health) and DHA (Dubai Health Authority) licensed clinics and labs.

Express VS Regular

You will have to choose between the two options. You can either go for Express which means that you can get the test results in less than 12 hours. For the Regular one, you can expect the results within 24 hours.

Once the results are available, you will receive an email and SMS. Additionally, the results will automatically be uploaded to the Al Hosn app.

How much does the at-home PCR test cost?

It depends on the type of test you have chosen. A Regular at-home PCR test can cost you AED 250 while the Express one can cost you AED 500. However, ServiceMarket frequently gives out promo codes to provide you with discounted prices.

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ServiceMarket has always been about convenience. We have strived to provide our clients with the best of services by giving them ease of access. All of our services are just a tap away! You only have to download the application and you’ll have access to numerous services with just a click. No more searching online for the best home maintenance, cleaning, or COVID testing services. Just book away!

If you want to get your PCR test done at home, you can download the app and book now!

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