Things to Look for When Shopping for a Family Car

As young adults, we might not have paid attention to car safety scores, but as a parent, it becomes our top most concern. Besides safety, since a family car is something we spend a lot of time in as parents, running back and forth between nurseries, schools, supermarkets and playgrounds, we need to think of additional features such as efficiency and comfort. ServiceMarket brings you a list of the top five things to look for when shopping for a family car.


Before deciding on a make and model, it is important to do your research on car safety features. Once you have decided the features that you absolutely must have, look for makes and models that have them installed. Now you can compare safety ratings and features of your top choices, looking at everything down to the last detail. Is there space to easily install a car seat in one of your choices and not the other? Are there side curtain airbags besides the standard front and rear airbags in both? Are there blind-spot and collision warning systems? Does the car you really like have a backup camera? Did you want an automatic parking system? This will help you shortlist your choices further.


As parents, it never fails to surprise us that our kids need so much stuff on any given day. And since you will practically be living out of this car for at least the next couple of years, it is important that you have ample storage space. Think about the lifestyle of your family when you consider boot space. Do you go on a lot of road trips? Do you frequently visit the beach? Can the boot fit a stroller and still have space for other stuff? Besides choosing a car that has plenty of storage space, make sure that the load height is reasonable so you won’t have problems placing things in the trunk.


Since you and your family will be spending a lot of time in the car, you can’t forego features of a car related to comfort. Comfortable kids are happy kids. So look for a car with ample interior space and seats that are as comfortable in the rear as they are in the front. If you are buying a car with an additional row or two of seats, make sure that the rear of the car has adequate ventilation. Will the passengers in the back be able to control the temperature and airflow? Are there cupholders and cubbies for everyone? Kids are always hungry and sleepy so there should be space for them to store food, drinks and blankets, especially for a long drive.


Sometimes it can be hard to preserve your sanity when thrown in a small space with your kids. Luckily, cars these days come with entertainment systems like Bluetooth pairing, USB adaptors and AUX adaptors which can be real life savers on a long day. If you easily get lost, you should consider a vehicle with built in navigation.


When trying to choose between cars, remember to look beyond the sticker price at the larger picture. How much does it cost to maintain a car annually? How much routine maintenance will it need? What is its mileage? What premiums are car insurance companies in Dubai charging for this vehicle?

Once you have decided on a car or two, call car dealerships to check the availability in in their lots and set up a time to meet with a salesperson. To be sure you actually want a vehicle as your family car, make sure to take the whole family with you on the test drive. This way you will be able to get a feel of the car as you simulate real life driving conditions. It wouldn’t hurt to take the stroller and car seat with you to check if they fit easily. If a car wins the hearts of everyone in the family during the test drive, that’s the car you need.

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