You Could Soon Be Breaking the Law If You Don’t Have a Smoke Alarm at Home

Smoke alarm in the UAE

Some UAE residents go the extra mile to protect their homes with CCTV cameras and comprehensive home insurance. However, it is shocking how many people don’t even consider smoke alarms while taking steps to make their homes safer. A smoke alarm can help you detect a fire quickly and you can prevent it from spreading. By installing smoke alarms in the right places across your home, you can minimize damage and save lives.

Do you have a smoke alarm in your home? And when is the last time you checked that it is working?

If you live in the UAE, then you will be required by law to have smoke alarms in your home from next year. It’s always a good idea to take care of important things in advance, especially when they involve the safety of your family. Simply follow this guide by ServiceMarket to learn everything you need to know about smoke alarms:

  • Figure out the required number of smoke alarms: As a rule of thumb, you should install a smoke alarm in the hallway leading to bedrooms, technical rooms containing machinery such as power engines and air conditioners, and kitchens. You should also make sure that there is at least one smoke alarm on every floor, including the basement and attic.
  • Pick the right smoke alarms: Four types of smoke alarms are available in the market: ionization, optical, heat and combined optical and heat alarms. Ionization smoke alarms excel at detecting small smoke particles. On the other hand, optical alarms are better for detecting large particles. Heat alarms can detect an increase in temperature but only cover small areas. Combined optical smoke and heat alarms reduce the number of false alarms and can detect a fire quickly.   
  • Select an appropriate location for each smoke alarm: Fire alarms are usually installed in the middle of ceilings. However, the location can change depending on the size, architecture and settings of your home. It should always be installed in a place from where you can easily hear the alarm even when you are sleeping. Heat alarms are best for your kitchen and garage. Do not install the smoke alarm too close to the cooker in your kitchen as doing so might set off the alarm unnecessary. Ionization and combined alarms are usually installed at the top of stairs. You should get optical or combined alarms for your living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Make sure they are well-maintained: Like other safety systems, smoke alarms need to be tested regularly to make sure they are in a working condition. You should also check the batteries and replace them every year. The lifespan of most smoke alarms is ten years.  
  • Hire a professional: You should definitely consider hiring a handyman to help you with installing the smoke alarm. You can easily book a vetted handyman through ServiceMarket. Experienced handymen know where to install smoke alarms and would be able to advise you on how many and which types of smoke alarms are suitable for your home. In addition, they would bring the required tools like drill machines. You can even ask the handyman to purchase the smoke alarms for your home.

Installing smoke alarms is just the first step to protect your home from fire. You also need to get fire extinguishers, fire blankets and establish fire exits in your home. It is a good idea to do a bit of research to understand how to react and what to do in case a fire occurs in your home. For example, putting water on a fire which is caused by a hot oil spillage would be dangerous. Knowing what to do for different types of fires will allow you to address the situation more calmly. Also, make sure your children know what to do if they hear a smoke alarm.

Did you know? You should call 997 in case of any fire emergency in the UAE.