5 Tips to Store Your Decorations After the Holidays in Dubai

The holiday season is over and now you need to think about how you are going to store your holiday decorations properly. After all, if you leave them lying around, they’ll only add to the clutter in your home. There are many storage companies in Dubai who can help you keep your holiday decorations safe and sound until the next holiday season arrives. ServiceMarket has compiled five tips on how you can ensure that your decorations are as good as new when you take them out for the next holidays.

Take stock of your holiday items

As you pack up your holiday season decor, take note of those items that are broken or lights that are burnt out. Some of the items may need to be replaced, so just discard them for now and you can buy them again before the next holiday season begins. This way, you’d have more storage space for the other items in the meanwhile. Taking stock at the end of the holiday season also gives you the opportunity to put aside decorations that you don’t use anymore. Consider donating or discarding them.

Colour code and label your storage boxes

Colour coding your storage boxes allows you to immediately identify the decor for each holiday occasion, e.g. red for Christmas. You can take this even further if you have multiple boxes for a particular season by labeling them with the contents of each box. This will help you identify exactly what you need at a given moment as well as help you save time and avoid hassles. Labels will also help you identify boxes that contain more fragile ornaments and decorations, so when you remove them from storage you will know which ones need to be handled carefully.

Keep storage boxes out of the way

If you’re storing your decorations at your home instead of a storage facility in Dubai, make sure you keep the boxes out of the way in your store room, cabinets or an area that’s not used frequently. After all, you’d only need to open these boxes at most a couple of times every year.

Consider using divided boxes for fragile ornaments and decorations

Boxes with dividers are perfect for storing decorative ornaments. They make it easy for you to wrap and store each ornament separately while keeping them all together in the same box.

Roll lights and bind them separately

If you have a lot of fairy lights, you will want to roll them up in their individual strands and bind them separately from one another. Place them in boxes and separate one roll of lights from the other so that they don’t become tangled if they get loose.

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