The 101 on Pest Control in Dubai: 8 Tips on Getting Rid of Cockroaches

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Living in Dubai, periodic cockroach pest control is a must because you may find these tiny, dark brown creatures scurrying along the edge of a wall at home or at work. It gets worse during the night when they emerge from the crevices they are usually hiding in throughout the day. These are usually German cockroaches you see in the kitchen, since they are particularly fond of greasy, starchy, and sugary food items, in addition to meat. However, they will make themselves completely at home and roam around freely in your rooms. 

To get rid of these stubborn pests it is essential that you look for the most effective cockroach treatment in Dubai. Although these pests can survive in various environmental conditions, they thrive exceptionally in warmer climates, which is why it becomes a matter of prime concern for the residents to get rid of cockroaches in Dubai. 

Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Dubai

Cockroach infestations can easily be prevented or controlled by following these few tips:

1. Don’t Welcome Them In 

Try to seal any possible entry points that you can find, such as pipes and tiny gaps under the doors to make sure that they don’t enter your house or office in the first place. Moreover, make sure you do not leave your main door or any windows open for a long period of time as they can easily find their way in through these. 

2. Push Them Out 

Fill up any crevices you see, which can potentially appeal to cockroaches as their hiding place. Additionally, you can pour cockroach-killing solutions in the crevices or any nooks and crannies that might be potential hideouts. 

3. Cover up Food

Don’t leave food lying around as uncovered food often appeals to cockroaches as an invitation for an open feast. Make sure you cover the food with plastic wrap, seal it in plastic bags, or store it in containers.

4. Clean up Any Dropped Food Immediately

If you drop any food or drink on the floor, clean it up immediately, lest it attracts this pest. Furthermore, brush away food crumbs from under cookers, refrigerators, and counters. Vacuum the floor to ensure it is also crumb-free.

5. Don’t Be Lazy

Do the dishes as soon as you can. If you don’t plan to wash them right away, rinse them with water.

6. Cover the Bins

Cover any bins that contain compost or trash. Cockroaches can make their way to the leftovers in the bin because they get attracted by the smell. So, it is necessary that you cover all the dustbins in your house, especially those that contain any food remains or even food wrappers.

7. Don’t Leave Buckets or Sinks Filled With Liquids Overnight

Cockroaches are usually attracted to any water sources in your home like water pipes, filled sinks, water containers, or even water spills. Hence, it is necessary that you drain any water left in buckets or sinks at the end of the day. You don’t want these roaches having a quick swim in the water that might be coming in contact with your skin, since this can cause eczema.

8. Clean up After Your Pets

If you have any pets in the house, clear out their litter boxes, water, and food trays before going to bed since they will also attract cockroaches.


Cockroaches have their ways of hiding in unreachable cracks and corner nooks and crannies for long periods of time. Without proper treatment, it can be difficult to get rid of cockroaches in Dubai. If you feel that the aforementioned measures are not working for you, it is best to hire a professional cockroach pest control company. 

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