8 Tips to Cockroach-Proof Your Dubai Home

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Facing a cockroach infestation in your home? The experts at ServiceMarket have put together 8 great tips to help you get rid of cockroaches in your Dubai home. If you’ve had enough and just want some professionals to solve your cockroach problem, you can easily book cockroach pest control in Dubai now. 

Now let’s explore some methods you can use to cockroach-proof your home.

1. Give your home a deep clean

Before the actual treatment for cockroaches can be carried out, it is important to give your home a deep clean. Cockroaches’ favorite places are places that are dark, warm, and often damp, so a deep clean is a good start towards reducing these ideal living conditions for these pests, as well as getting rid of any potential food sources.

Cleaning should be focused on:

  • Drains
  • Sinks – as well as underneath sinks
  • The washing machine – as well as behind it
  • The dishwasher – as well as behind it
  • Waste bins – as well as the surrounding area
  • Underneath pieces of furniture and kitchen cabinets

Everything should be thoroughly disinfected

If you don’t have time to deep clean or don’t want to do it yourself, you can book a deep cleaning service in Dubai through ServiceMarket to do it for you.

2. Fix all leaks

As mentioned above, cockroaches love damp environments, and they are often a big breeding ground for the pests. Cockroaches can go for long periods without needing food or water, but as long as they have a warm, moist place to live they will thrive. Therefore, it is crucial to have any leaks in your pipes or drainage fixed to eliminate these areas. You can use ServiceMarket to book the right handyman service in Dubai and fix any leaks you might have in your home.

3. Throw away cardboard boxes

You may not know it, but cardboard boxes are actually an ideal place for cockroaches to lay their eggs. If you can throw away any cardboard boxes you have in your home, that is ideal, but if not, you can wrap them in plastic as a method of cockroach control.Β 

4. Put away all food

To reduce food sources available to the roaches, remove all food that’s on top of kitchen counters, and put as much food in the fridge as possible. It is also a good practice to properly clean your kitchen floor at the end of every day to ensure that there are no crumbs left on the floor, available for those pesky cockroaches. The bad news is that roaches can live for many weeks without sources of food and water as long as living conditions are right, so you will need to make sure you maintain this level of cleanliness for 4 months at least.

5. Don’t Be Lazy

Do the dishes as soon as you can. If you don’t plan to wash them right away, rinse them with water.

6. Don’t Leave Buckets or Sinks Filled With Liquids Overnight

Cockroaches are usually attracted to any water sources in your home like water pipes, filled sinks, water containers, or even water spills. Hence, it is necessary that you drain any water left in buckets or sinks at the end of the day. You don’t want these roaches having a quick swim in the water that might be coming in contact with your skin, since this can cause skin allergies like eczema.

7. Cover the Bins

Cover any bins that contain compost or trash. Cockroaches can make their way to the leftovers in the bin because they get attracted by the smell. So, it is necessary that you cover all the dustbins in your house, especially those that contain any food remains or even food wrappers.

8. Clean up After Your Pets

If you have any pets in the house, clear out their litter boxes, water, and food trays before going to bed since they will also attract cockroaches.

9. Use a pesticide

Once your home has been cleaned thoroughly, you can cover your entire home with a safe and right pesticide, making sure not to miss warm, dark areas, such as under furniture. You can either do this yourself, using a spray just from the supermarket, or you can hire a professional cockroach pest control service in Dubai. Professionals will be able to use their experience and know-how to ensure a thorough job is done and provide you with the best methods of cockroach control. You should be aware that these pesticide sprays will only work on cockroaches that are already hatched, not on roach eggs. After the pesticide has been used to kill the cockroaches, you need to make sure that you continue to keep your house extremely clean for another 4 months, and you can put down a poison gel in any areas favored by cockroaches to catch any of those survivors the pesticide may have missed.

10. Use cockroach powder

You can also use cockroach powder on any points of entry to your home to prevent other cockroaches from entering your property. This includes outer doors, windows, and balconies.

11. Leave a light on

Since cockroaches like the dark, leaving a light/s on for about 3 days will play havoc with their normal scavenging and living patterns and they will find your home unbearable to live in.

12. Keep your home cool

It is also good to keep your home as cold as you can bear. Cockroaches thrive in warm environments so making your home bright and cold may just make the roaches leave your property.

Once you have managed to get rid of the cockroaches from your home, it is vital that you keep your home super clean to prevent another roach control problem. For a cockroach pest control service in Dubai, or any other service you might need to help combat those pests, turn to ServiceMarket to book now.

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