6 Tips to Help You Downsize Before Moving Day in Dubai

Have you recently become empty nesters? Need to move from your suburban Dubai home to a smaller apartment? Whatever your reasons for downsizing, it is always a challenge. You will likely hear this advice a lot: “Just get rid of your extra stuff.” Easier said than done. To get started, hire a moving company in Dubai and follow these five helpful downsizing tips from the experts at ISS Relocations and ServiceMarket.

1) Take inventory of your belongings

Moving is a great time to go through your belongings and organize. Make a list of must-have items. These are the things you cannot do without and will definitely go with you to your new house. Next, create a nice-to-have list and include the items you would keep if you have space. Remember, if you haven’t used your SAT prep books or that old bicycle in years, you are likely not going to need them in your new home.

2) Consider your new home and lifestyle

Think carefully about your new house. Do you have fewer or smaller rooms? In that case, you may not be able to bring some big pieces of furniture. Do not crowd a small space with too much furniture. Likewise, sort out your belongings according to your new lifestyle. For example, if you don’t plan to entertain much or will host only small parties, there is no need to take three sets of china!  

3) Declutter, donate, sell

Once you have made your lists, start getting rid of the stuff you will not take. You can consider putting items online for sale and pocket the money to pay towards the move! You can also call a service like TakeMyJunk to remove and recycle bulkier items. Finally, donate lightly used items to one of many Dubai charities that collect clothes, shoes, children’s toys, and small household goods.

4) Be smart about home storage

A smaller space means you need to get creative with storage solutions. The space under your bed is one of the most underutilized areas. Buy appropriate storage bins, preferably with wheels, so you can easily slide them in and out. Use all the nooks and corners of your new home. Consider the layout of the room and add furniture that will fit in well and take the least amount of space. Don’t add a round dining table in a square nook! Add plenty of shelves to fully utilize wall space and invest in closet organizers.

5) Rent an external storage unit

If you have given away your unwanted items but still have possessions that won’t fit into your new home, rent a storage unit in Dubai. These are great to store bulky items, electronic devices, and non-seasonal clothes such as winter coats and boots. This is especially important if your move is not permanent and you may use these items again.

6) Go digital

Make digital copies of your documents, photos, CDs, DVDs, etc. and save them online or on your hard drive. Keep hard copies of important documents but digitize whatever you can to reduce paperwork and clutter.

Remember, downsizing requires careful planning and it is best to do it slowly and thoughtfully. In the rush to declutter, you may give away useful items which you will regret later. Also, don’t feel obligated to give away items that have sentimental value.

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