5 Tips for Sofa Cleaning

What is the most common room in your home? The living room, which usually has a sofa where the entire family can sit, relax, enjoy, and perhaps leave a mess. Think of all the times you or your kids have sat there, and consider the amount of germs and dirt that’s been building up. It’s not a pleasant picture, but we at ServiceMarket have just the tips to get your couch back in the same pristine condition as the day you bought it. That or you can request a quote from one of the many sofa cleaning companies in Dubai we have on record for a neat and complete cleaning job on your couch.

Get Ready To Clean

Tip One

Baking soda is more than just a kitchen ingredient. This cake making powder is also a miracle worker in the world of sofa stains. Usually sofa cleaners in Dubai would have their own strong products to use on your sofa, but if you’re looking for a home remedy, then this is it. Get some baking soda and a couple of clean cloths, and get to work. Pour some baking soda on the stain and let it rest for a while, up to 20 minutes. If you have a leather sofa, the home ingredient to use would be olive oil and vinegar in a spray bottle.

Tip Two

Another useful tip for cleaning your couch inside and out is using a vacuum. Use either a small vacuum to get in between the cushions and a larger one to go underneath it. You can even use the small vacuum on the cushions themselves to remove dust and allergens. For a more thorough cleaning, move the sofa away from the walls and vacuum the area as well to ensure the surrounding space is dirt-free.

Tip Three

Make sure to look for the tags on your sofa, these will tell you all you need to know about taking care of your sofa so it will last a long time. Some sofas and couches need sensitive care and soft cleaning methods, while others require a stronger approach. The safe bet is to go online on ServiceMarket to get options for the most qualified sofa cleaning companies in Dubai that would know to check on all this information. If you’re doing it on your own, look out for these letters:

W: water-based detergent only followed by a steam vacuum

WS: water or dry cleaning detergent followed by a steam vacuum

S: use a dry cleaning detergent only

X: here you can use a bristle brush or vacuum

Tip Four

When your sofa has dirty spots from your kid’s shoes or a pet’s paws (they don’t mean it, they’re just having some fun!), the best tool to use here would be a bristle-brush. The brush can be bought at any homeware store. It’s ideal to use because it breaks apart the dirt when you rub the spot gently and evenly. Be sure not to ruin the fabric by rubbing too hard into the muddy spot.  Another simple move you can do after the brushing is removing lint. Any lint roller can be of use to remove pieces of lint or when the spaces are too small for a vacuum.

Tip Five

Stains are probably your worst nightmare, but they don’t have to be. We can tell you about several hero products for any kind of stain, from coffee to food, to even pet urine. For food stains, if baking soda doesn’t work, try some dishwashing liquid on the spot. Clean away everything using a paper towel and a toothbrush. For coffee stains, you’ll need warm water and a paper towel. If the stain is too stubborn, make a mixture of vinegar and water and add it onto the stain. This mixture also works with any “accidents” made by your pets. So never fear, there’s a solution for everything!

Quick On Your Feet

One of the most important things to remember is to stay calm if anything spills on your sofa or cushions. Just remember one of the many cleaning tips above and react thoughtfully and quickly to avoid long lasting mistakes. The benefit of ServiceMarket is the plethora of options of sofa cleaning services in Dubai to avoid all the extra hard work if you do make an irreversible stain. They can work according to your schedule and there’s enough choices to make sense for you financially, whatever the budget you set.

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