Types of Carpentry Services in Dubai

Types of Carpentry Services in Dubai

Carpentry can make a house a home, transform buildings, and turn blocks of wood into art. ServiceMarket knows the importance of this profession, which is why you can find several options and free quotes from carpenters in Dubai through the platform.

What Do You Need?

The basic tasks of a carpenter vary from one job to the other, but in general they are responsible for:

  • Going over blueprints
  • Constructing a foundation
  • Measuring and ordering the right type of wood
  • Following the directions set forth by the architect
  • Ensure that their work meets required building regulations

What Kind Of Carpenter Are You Looking For?

It might seem slightly overwhelming to pick and choose the right carpenter in Dubai when there are so many to pick from; so here’s a little guide to read through. First of all, the easiest thing to narrow down is between commercial and residential carpenters. If you’d like to fix things around your home, then you’re looking for a residential carpenter. A commercial carpenter takes care of school buildings, roads, and hospitals most of the time. Next comes the type of work the hired carpenter will do in your home:

Construction Carpenter

If you’re hiring a construction carpenter in Dubai, that means you’re starting from ground zero. This type of carpenter is there with you from the beginning, meaning he or she is making the blueprints, cutting the basic foundation, installing the necessary materials to be used during the building, ordering the right amount of wood needed, and much more hammer and nail work that you typically expect to see carpenters doing.

Trim Carpenters

What’s a trim carpenter, you ask? They’re the ones responsible for all trimming and molding. This is work that often takes a long time, so you need to be patient with the hired carpentry company in Dubai you end up choosing. If you need some help installing baseboards and crown molding, or a window and door trim, you should request a trim carpenter. They’re also known as finish carpenters since they also take over all the finishing of the woodwork, furniture, parquetry, and many other tasks that are vital to a home’s final look. There’s a certain finesse and artistry behind this type of work, a trait that not many share, so do the proper research before deciding on whom to hire.


If you need a few unique pieces that no one else would have a replica of; why not get a cupboard or cabinet designed by a carpenter in Dubai? This is the work of a cabinetmaker; he or she is responsible and trained to make all types of furniture for your house. From dressers to closets to bedside tables, these unique pieces from a carpenter will make your home stand out. Β 

Ask For Help

Even if you’re not sure what type of carpenter you’re looking for, call and ask around for help. If one person can’t help you, they can refer you to someone else. There are reviews for every type of company out there; so find out what you need, look up quotes on ServiceMarket, and do thorough research before making a decision.

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