Washing Machine Not Working? Here’s What May Be Wrong

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Has your washing machine stopped working? It goes without saying that it can be an extremely frustrating time. Our washing machines are something we just can’t live without! If you’re panicking – don’t worry as there are many washing machine repair services in Dubai to help you, and this article will guide you through the most likely reasons why your washing machine has stopped functioning. ServiceMarket has put together this guide to help you. 

My washing machine has stopped spinning 

Spinning is the primary function of any washing machine. The momentum is what causes the laundry detergent and fabric softener to permeate the clothes inside, making them clean and fresh. Here are the most likely reasons your washing machine may have stopped spinning:

  1. An imbalanced drum: this is a common reason for a washing machine ceasing to spin. When the washing load is too heavy (or too light) for your washing machine, it will likely become damaged. If the drum moves too much additional pressure is placed on the machine, causing it to move around or, in the worst cases, break. 
  2. Motor brushes have worn down: The motor brushes in your washing machine connect the drum to the motor inside. These brushes can wear out, and your drum won’t spin as effectively, if at all. Fortunately, new brushes aren’t expensive, and you can easily book a home appliance repair service in Dubai to replace them. 

My washing machine isn’t cleaning properly 

  1. Drain pump blockage: It should be fairly obvious if this has happened to your washing machine as it causes the machine to take longer to drain, or doesn’t drain completely. This happens when a washing machine can’t drain properly due to a blockage in the drain pump. This is often the result of a build-up of lint, or even something like a loose button or a hairpin. Unfortunately, older appliance models tend to have less sophisticated filters which can make blockages an even more frequent problem, and can make them more cumbersome to deal with.
  2. Blocked laundry detergent tray: Washing machines failing to clean clothes properly is surprisingly common, and may happen because of a blocked detergent tray. If your clothes aren’t getting cleaned properly, this may be the cause. While your clothes may still be getting “washed”, you’re also spreading the mold that’s growing on the blockage onto your clothes – so it’s best dealt with ASAP! You may be able to see this blockage, but chances are it’s inside the washing machine, in which case you should hire a professional who can remove it for you. 

My washing machine won’t turn on

If there aren’t any signs of life, your problem is electrical. Your first step should always be to check that the fuse in your home hasn’t been flipped, in which case flipping it back may get things up and running again. If this is the case, and trying the washing machine again causes it to short, it’s time to call a professional washing machine repair service in Dubai. They’ll have the technical knowledge to fix the problem, without putting you at risk of shocks, which is a major concern when you’re dealing with electrical components and something that contains water, like your washing machine. 

Any one of these issues may have caused your washing machine to stop functioning correctly, but thankfully there are trained professionals who can help with this matter! ServiceMarket only features vetted and licensed washing machine and other home appliance repair services in Dubai

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