What Is Included in a House Call by a Doctor in Abu Dhabi?

house doctor in Abu Dhabi

There are many reasons why one might need a house doctor in Abu Dhabi. With the development of modern and portable hospital equipment, almost all medical procedures that do not require hospital machinery can be performed at home. Here are a few of the services that a doctor at home can provide.

Lab Tests

Doctors can conduct most basic tests at home now. These include blood tests and urinalysis. Both of these testing approaches include a variety of testing options. By drawing blood samples, doctors can perform a complete blood count, check liver and kidney functions, check immunoglobulin, thyroid, and electrolyte levels, perform diabetes and alcohol screening, and detect STIs and vitamin or iron deficiencies. 

On-call doctors can also test for pregnancy and fertility levels, by drawing both blood and urine samples. Other uses for urinalysis are to detect red blood count, glucose and bilirubin levels, and protein levels in the urine, and even for diagnosing illnesses and infections. 

Comprehensive Medical Exam 

A comprehensive medical or physical examination (also known as an executive physical) refers to a full-fledged analysis of your health. This includes pulmonary function tests, chest x-rays, EKGs, audiograms, heart stress tests, full-body CAT or CT scans, prostate examinations, mammograms, urinalyses, and a CBC. 

The main reason that people avail complete medical examinations is to rule out any illnesses that might lay dormant, or have been missed prior to it. They also involve an investigation of a patient’s family medical history, before diagnosing conditions or prescribing any solutions. It is important to note that if any of the equipment required to conduct this exam cannot be transported, a hospital visit is recommended. 

Symptom Management

This refers to any action taken to alleviate the temporary pain, nausea, irritation, or discomfort caused by an illness. Whether it is providing temporary pain relief for a chronic illness, medication for flu or infection symptoms, ease during a painful period cycle, or oxygen therapy for someone struggling to breathe, all come under symptom management. 

While this does not cure the disease, it can provide a patient immense and necessary comfort. Especially for patients with terminal or chronic illnesses, this is a huge relief. Doctors can provide this service at home by prescribing and administering IV drips, injectable medicines, and tablets.

Wound Care

After being involved in an accident, many people do not want to stay at the hospital for an extended period. In some cases, when the patient is a child and needs adult supervision, parents do not feel comfortable admitting them to hospitals.

Wound care can be provided by doctors at home. This includes cleaning, dressing, bandaging, and providing any other sort of medicine depending upon the kind and the intensity of the wound. For example, while some wounds only require a small bandage and some ointment, many call for a tetanus shot and a brace. 

They specialize in it and can determine the right course of action to take. A layperson, for example, would not be able to tell if their wound requires a foam dressing, a hydrogel dressing, an alginate dressing, or basic transparent bandages. 

Second Opinions or Consultation

At-home doctors can provide medical consultations just the same as regular doctors. Imagine that you got a diagnosis that you are skeptical about. You are looking for a second opinion, but do not want to go to another clinic. What better than to call a doctor home? 

Routine Vaccinations

Doctors can be called for routine vaccinations. These include all the preventive vaccines administered to children, adolescents, and adults. During the pandemic outbreak, this proved quite a useful and effective strategy as it aligned with the social distancing rules. 

Some of the vaccines that are administered by home doctors are Covid-19 vaccines, Hepatitis A and B vaccines, flu shots, chicken pox vaccines, and measles. Other vaccine options are also available. 

Dementia and Memory Care

It can be emotionally draining for both dementia patients and their families to make hospital trips.

Having a doctor come to them at home can prove very helpful. Besides routine checkups, the most basic screening test for dementia, the mini cog test, can also be conducted at home. This is particularly helpful for patients who may be in denial or reluctant to visit a doctor.

Sometimes, patients just do not want to get out of their homes to go to the hospital due to their level of sickness. Other times, it is a state of denial that holds them back. The best thing that you can do for them is to avail services from a doctor on call in Abu Dhabi. ServiceMarket allows you to book appointments at home with some of the most qualified DHA-affiliated doctors.

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