What Is included in a Signature Mani-Pedi in Abu Dhabi?

Luxury manicure and pedicure services in Abu Dhabi

Signature mani pedi offered by luxury salon at home services in Abu Dhabi go beyond expectations, providing soothing massages and meticulous nail care at every step. Designed to stimulate your senses as well as your aesthetics, each phase ensures a quality experience right in your own home.

This blog dives into the effective steps of a signature mani-pedi, and details all the offerings you can enjoy when you choose luxury home salon services in Abu Dhabi

Remove Old Nail Color 

Expert professionals take their time to evaluate the color of your current nails, determining the best removal technique. Using acetone-free nail polish removers, the last traces of the old nail color are removed. This guarantees perfectly clean nails prepped for the upcoming makeover.

The delicate removal procedure emphasizes the dedication to both visual elegance and the health of your nails. The stage is set for the pampering that your hands and feet are about to undergo.

Shape Nails

The attention naturally moves from the blank canvas to the shape and polishing of your nails. Your preferences are the main focus as skilled professionals carefully cut, file, and shine your nails. Whether you select the traditional square, elegant oval, or hip almond shape, the result is flawless.

Professionals will make sure to avoid filing too aggressively or using a coarse nail file, because they know that it can make them thin and weak, which often leads to breakage.

Remove Cuticles 

Your skilled professional will carefully push back and trim the cuticles. The focus lays in nourishing your nails, along with their appearance. By preventing hangnails and dryness, this cuticle removal enhances the general health of your nails.

The procedure need to be done carefully, emphasizing your comfort. It is important to utilize the right instruments. You may relax knowing that every detail of nail care is being taken into account for the benefit of both beauty and wellness.

Exfoliate Dead Skin

Your hands and feet will receive a deep exfoliating treatment using rich exfoliating scrubs with energizing fragrances. This helps remove dead and dry skin cells gently and revitalize fatigued hands and feet by increasing circulation. The result? Incredibly smooth skin.

When you get it from an experienced professional, you will not fall victim to over-exfoliation. Excessive scrubbing or the use of harsh exfoliants can lead to irritation, sensitivity, and damage to the skin’s protective barrier.

Moisturize the Skin  

The focus is now to massage you into a state of bliss. Moisturizing creams and oils are generously applied on your hands and feet followed by a massage, focusing on pressure spots to release tension and encourage relaxation.

The moisturizer hydrates the dry, and damaged skin, while the massage helps your achy muscles and joints. This is your chance to let go of the day’s worries, and submit to the treatment.  

Pick Your Nail Color

Applying a nail color is the last touch to your relaxing journey. Your professional ensures that your choice of classic shades complements your own style. A collection of colors are presented to you, ranging from subdued neutrals that convey sophistication to vivid colors that show enthusiasm. In case of any unique color preference, make sure to communicate that to the provider in advance. 

Your nails are skillfully painted with the selected color, and then a top coat for that glossy, pristine, and elegant look. That also protects your nail color from chipping, and fading too soon.

This marks the completion of the mani-pedi experience, leaving you with flawlessly manicured nails.


Let the artistry and commitment of trained professionals speak thorough your hands and feet. Treating yourself to a pampering beauty session is all you need to look fresh and fabulous. 

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