What to Expect from Home Nursing Professionals in Dubai?

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Hospitals in Dubai can get expensive and staying in a hospital bed for a long time could also be upsetting for many patients. Then there are sick and elderly patients who recover well via personalized care by a nurse at home

For patients who require long-term or palliative care, many families prefer home nursing. Home care can help patients out of the hospital and stay compliant with their treatment. So, getting a nurse at home in Dubai is not only convenient for the patient, but it may be the best option. They can stay at home in comfortable surroundings and still get the medical attention they need.

Types of Home Nursing Care in Dubai

Elderly or bed-ridden patients require constant care and attention. You may want to provide the care yourself, but it isn’t possible with a busy schedule and little to no medical expertise. Therefore, home care services might be the most suitable choice. 

A nurse for home patients can provide efficient and constant care that can otherwise be impossible. This article is going to talk about all the different types of available home care services in Dubai.

#1: Care for the Elderly 

An at-home nurse can be ideal if there are elderly patients in your house and you don’t want to consider a nursing home. The elderly often need more attentive care and help with daily life tasks as well. A nurse can give them their medication on time and make sure they’re eating well. They can also help in performing tasks that are taxing for them like changing clothes, sitting up, or going to the washroom. 

#2: Palliative Care for Terminally Ill Patients

Palliative care is focused on reducing suffering for people with serious illnesses. Such patients require due attention and someone to constantly be by their side. Doctors often discharge terminally ill patients from the hospital to give them a better quality of life. That is why a home nurse in Dubai can help you take care of your loved ones, especially if they are bedridden. 

#3: Post-Op Care

Car accidents can often cause serious injuries while post-surgery patients can also take time to recover. Bedridden patients need round-the-clock care because they can’t do much on their own. So, if you have a recovering patient at home you should consider home nursing in Dubai for them. A nurse can help them eat, clean themselves, and monitor their recovery. Moreover, he or she also makes sure that the patient is getting the correct and timely dosage of oral medication.

#4: Administering Prescribed Medication

You can’t take a sick person to the doctor’s office every six hours for an IV or an injection. The commute can be tedious and it isn’t practical either. Licensed home nurses in Dubai can administer these prescriptions easily in the comfort of your home. 

#5: Restorative and Physical Therapy

Many recovering patients need physical therapy to rehabilitate their bodies and increase energy levels. Restorative exercises work slowly and the process can be long-term. Moreover, one has to be very careful about not over-exerting the body too soon before recovery. Professional nurses can help patients get back on track and follow their daily exercise routine religiously. 

#6: Postpartum Care

It can be hard for new mothers to take care of themselves and the baby, especially for first-time mothers. They can take some time to collect their bearings especially if they don’t have much help. Post-delivery care can be easier with a professional nurse at home. A nurse can help the mother with post-op and neonatal care, and also provide lactation and postpartum depression consultancy. Moreover, a new mother would have a professional to take care of the baby while she recovers from childbirth and gains her strength back. 

#7: Care for Special Needs Patients

Disabled and special needs patients also need proper and constant care. If you have a patient with auto-immune disorders, muscular deformities, or other chronic ailments, you always need to keep an eye on them. They often need specialized treatment that only professional healthcare workers can provide. A certified and licensed nurse at home can help them manage their life better even with their medical condition.


Professional nurses in Dubai need a license to practice and you should hire someone who knows what they’re doing. Home nursing requires patience and empathy as all patients have different needs and recovery times. So, depending upon your requirements, look for someone with relevant experience as well. ServiceMarket can make that search easier for you. With just a few clicks, you can book a nurse at home in Dubai at market competitive rates.

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