What to Expect When You Book a Blood Test at Home In Abu Dhabi?

blood test at home in Abu Dhabi

A lab test at home in Abu Dhabi is fundamentally the same as the one done at a laboratory, minus the hassle of visiting a lab. 

Many medical laboratories now offer the facility of doing different types of blood tests, urine, and stool tests outside the lab. The convenience makes it possible for people with a busy schedule to take better care of their as well as their loved one’s well-being. They can simply schedule a blood test at home in Abu Dhabi to have a phlebotomist show up at their address.

The Process of a Blood Test at Home

The process essentially stays the same, as a blood sample is drawn by a phlebotomist and then tested through different machines. 

After you are advised a blood test by a doctor, schedule the time of your availability at the place where you want the test performed. A medical professional will come to you with the necessary equipment to safely draw blood.

The blood is drawn from a fingertip or a vein, depending on the type of test and the amount required. They may test the blood with advanced blood test kits on the spot or take the samples to the laboratory. In either case, they send you an e-report.Β 

The time for results may vary as some tests may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours while others may get you instant results. In this whole process, you don’t even need to set foot outside your house. The only inconvenience during the whole process is the slight prick of the needle that you may feel, but that only lasts a few minutes.

Types of Blood Tests Offered in the At-Home Service

There are several tests targeted to identify specific diseases. However, common tests like complete blood count (CBC), kidney function test (RFT), liver function test (LFT), and serum electrolytes test are generally provided by these services. 

The following are the categories of different types of tests:

Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases include tests for diabetes, cardiovascular health, bone health, and overall well-being of a person. This category includes diabetes screening, lipid profile, vitamin D deficiency test, vitamin B12 deficiency test, and iron profile. 

Pregnancy and Fertility Tests

Pregnancy and fertility tests are usually divided into pregnancy testing (with blood sampling), hormone profile tests, fertility profile, and pre-marriage screening. The parameters of fertility tests are different for males and females.


These tests include scans for 14 standard pathogens that cause STDs. Their screening is called STI screening. This test has two variants called standard and urgent with the only difference being the time required for the results. 

Food Allergies

Food allergy tests show if a patient has allergic reactions to certain food groups. The blood test is taken to a laboratory and tested with different foods to identify the type of allergy. 

Comprehensive Tests

These are certain types of blood tests grouped together to get a more detailed idea about an individual’s health. Again, these tests have separate variants for male and female health. Depending on the types of tests included, such testing may show the general health of a patient or include screening for cancer and cardiovascular diseases. 

How Accurate Are the At-Home Blood Tests?

Though the concept of a blood test at a patient’s home is not that new, many people still have concerns about the accuracy of such tests. Rest assured that the results are as accurate as any lab test you get done at a hospital. Usually, a phlebotomist will collect the sample and have it tested from similar machines used at a laboratory, and your doctor won’t have any issues with the report of tests done at home.  

In short, there’s no reason for you to delay any tests you may be prescribed by your physician just because you are unable to go to a facility. For quality service, you can easily book a blood test at home service in Abu Dhabi with ServiceMarket at affordable prices.Β 

Blood test at home in Abu Dhabi?

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