What Types of IV Drip at Home Can You Get in Abu Dhabi?

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Big cities like Abu Dhabi have expert medical services like IV drip infusion at home, caregiver services, visiting nurses, and doctors at home. Getting healthcare services in the comfort of one’s home is not only convenient, it can also improve the overall time of recovery for a patient.

Equipped with all the information about the types of IV infusions, anyone looking to get it, or book a saline drip at home in Abu Dhabi can do so confidently.

Types of IV Drip at Home

Patients can receive various types of IV therapies at home. However, it must be prescribed by a doctor, or a healthcare provider. Also, the IV infusion must be set up by a licensed nurse to avoid any complications.

Licensed nurses take necessary precautions like disinfecting the site before inserting the IV needle, adjusting the flow, and administering the doses. Nurses must also observe the individual during infusion and keep a record of their condition before and after the infusion.

Keeping the above instructions in mind, the following types of IV therapies can be availed at home:

Hydration Therapy

Hydration therapy is one of the most common IV drip therapies. This drip infusion is prescribed to counter dehydration and make up for the lost electrolytes. Excessive sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, and other problems can reduce the natural hydration levels in a patient. Hydration therapy is a quicker method to replenish the lost fluids and alleviate symptoms. 

Vitamin C Infusion

Such infusions support the immune system, have antioxidant effects, and help patients with better absorption of iron from food. Moreover, doctors now advise this infusion to cancer patients as well, as it is thought to improve the effectiveness of different cancer treatments. 

Nutrient Replenishment

Medical conditions, insufficient dietary intake, and changes in one’s eating habits can result in various nutritional deficiencies. Nutrient replenishment IV drips can help recover those requirements. These IVs are often prescribed to undernourished patients, pre- and post-surgery, senior patients, and patients suffering from chronic illnesses.  

Immune Support IV

It consists of IV medication to boost the immune system in individuals who have gone through a surgical procedure, those recovering from infections, or chronic illnesses, and for general disease prevention. With immune support infusions under a medical professional’s administration, patients can develop higher immunity against illnesses. 

Energy Boost IV Drips 

Energy boost drips are known to give a boost in energy and offer a multitude of benefits. The constituents of these IV drips may include nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, and amino acids. It offers higher and rapid absorption as compared to oral ingestion, as a result, one may feel energized instantly. 


Detoxification infusions remove different toxins from the body to promote overall well-being. Such toxins may include heavy metals and environmental pollutants that take a toll on the body. Detoxification IVs help flush the toxins out of the body. These IV drips are commonly used to support liver, and kidney function.

Pain Relief

Many patients suffering from chronic diseases do not get pain relief from oral painkillers. Pain relief IVs can alleviate the pain faster, so patients usually start feeling better even before an infusion is finished. As such infusions have sleep inducing effects, these are typically prescribed to patients for extended pain relief. 

Other Infusions

Besides the common IV drips mentioned earlier, some patients may be prescribed infusions for various other benefits. Anti-aging and metabolism boost IV drips are two such examples. The former may include nutrients that promote youth like collagen and biotin with antioxidants to improve overall health. Weight loss infusion drips carry nutrients, amino acids, and other facilitating ingredients. 


Based on a patient’s condition, doctors prescribe various types of infusions. However, you must ensure that all the required SOPs are followed during the process and while administering doses. 

Hiring expert services to give IV drips to patients is crucial for providing hospital-like care. You can hire licensed professionals for IV vitamin therapy at home in Abu Dhabi or any other IV drips that you are prescribed at an affordable price from ServiceMarket. All you need to do is give the required information, and set up a convenient time.

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