What’s the Cost of Shared Storage In Abu Dhabi?

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Oftentimes, life presents us with a situation that calls for renting a shared storage facility. It could be an event of moving homes in Abu Dhabi, downsizing, or simply because you need space to store your belongings. Shared storage is a perfect solution to store your items, protect them from the weather and keep them safe. 

Shared storage is generally considered affordable but how much shared storage in Abu Dhabi costs is a question often left unanswered. The cost tends to vary based on the size, type, and availability of a storage unit. This guide offers an overview of the average cost of shared storage including the factors that might affect the rates.  

Cost of Shared Storage In Abu Dhabi

Storage units are normally rented on a monthly basis. The rates vary depending on the size of the unit i.e., per square foot. The smallest unit size starts from 25 square feet and can fit up to 6 regular boxes of books, documents, luggage, and items of seasonal storage. The price of such a unit ranges between AED 400 and AED 600.

Here is a complete breakdown of the cost of shared storage in Abu Dhabi based on the size:

Size (Square Foot)Number of BoxesCost per Month
25Fits up to 6 regular boxes AED 400 to AED 600
50Fits up to 14 regular boxesAED 500 to AED 700
75Fits up to 20 regular boxesAED 700 to AED 1100
100Fits up to 45 regular boxesAED 1000 to AED 1400

Factors That Affect the Cost of Shared Storage 

Besides the size, several other factors contribute to the price of a shared storage unit. Prepare to pay less or more depending on factors such as:


Some companies charge a higher rate per square foot because their facility is located in an urban area with high demand. If you won’t need access to your belongings often and you don’t mind driving further, choose a storage company in a less populated area on the outskirts. They might charge lower rates compared to companies located in central areas.


Seasonality also affects the price of a storage unit. Prices are often lower in winter since people usually prefer moving between April and September. You might get a rate that’s lower than average if you store your items during the off-season. 

Climate Control

Some items could be at risk of damage due to extreme temperature changes and hence require climate-controlled storage units. These units use heat, air conditioning, and humidity control to ensure your belongings get the ideal temperature to stay in top condition. Clearly, such units are more expensive than traditional shared storage units. 


The length of the contract will also affect the price. Check to see if the company offers a discount on longer rental durations. They might have 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month contracts. 

While most storage companies charge on a month-to-month basis, some also have a minimum rental duration of 3 months. It’s essential to learn everything about the total cost of renting the unit and factor in the minimum rental duration, if any, to avoid conflicts later on.


Storage companies also offer add-ons such as packing supplies, storage bins, 24-hour access, and padlocks to facilitate their customers. These extra features add to the expense. You will be spending more on the final cost of the unit if you take advantage of these add-ons.

Tips to Save on the Cost of Shared Storage

With a little planning and consideration, there is always a possibility to save money on the cost of storage. 

Be Organized 

Never pay to store the items you don’t want or care about. Take the time to organize them before transferring them to a storage unit. If they can be donated or disposed of, do the needful.  

Rent a Smaller Space

Renting a smaller storage space is a good decision if you are not planning to access the unit regularly. You won’t have to leave extra aisle space to access your items. Organize all boxes and place the items you are most likely to need closer to the door for easy access.

However, just because smaller units cost less doesn’t mean you should compromise on space. Determine your needs and choose the size of the unit accordingly. 

Store Bulky Items Elsewhere 

Paying to store large pieces is costly since they occupy more space. Ask a family member or a close friend if you can leave an item such as a bookshelf or a couch in their garage. You may even lend those items to them temporarily instead of renting a storage unit, to begin with.   


Finding secure storage to store your belongings doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With affordable options such as a shared storage unit, you can easily stash extra stuff and have complete peace of mind. 

Head to ServiceMarket to find shared storage companies in Abu Dhabi with the best rates and store your items in a safe and secure facility. 

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